Friday, October 21, 2022

Our Precious TIME!

The day each day.  A lot of us have routines and plans for each of them.  Some of those days, however, do not always go as we have planned.  Can YOU live with that?

Aah...the precious afternoon!
The duties all are done.
Now, it is time to watch the autumn
out here in the sun!
The glory of His handiwork-
it is in full display!
How many are the colors that
are counted on this day?

Then it happens!  The doorbell rings,
or the phone goes off!
Somebody somewhere needs a hand,
am I supposed to scoff?
'I can't come over.  I'm too tired...'
'I just got home from work...'
If such is my response to them,
then I am just a jerk!
For we are here for one another.
A 'purpose' have we each.
And we MUST respond to calls like this
if we are going to reach!
God never says 'I'll be right there.
Just wait until I'm done.'
He never says 'Call back tomorrow!'
He says 'What is it, son?'

Yes.  I am tired from the day,
but my neighbor needs a hand.
And it won't take but a little while
to see to his demand.
We must ALL be available
if we belong to God.
For He'll see to it that our efforts,
someone will applaud!

Yes, what MUST be taken care of has already been accomplished.  Even this evening, I am very tired.  HOWEVER, I know that if I come down here to the computer God will provide words that will minister to someone.  I certainly hope it's YOU!

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