Saturday, October 1, 2022


A busy, October weekend.  Before I even CONSIDER the list, however, I join my Creator God with my coffee to behold the works of His hand.  For they are never-ending, you know?  And they never, EVER get old!!

Autumn sings to wake me up
and greet me on this day!
Oh, so very many things
her serenade would say!
"Have you seen the brilliance of
the blue sky overhead?!"
"Have you seen how the risen sun
has so enhanced the 'red?'"
"And how about the kaleidoscope 
that is about to fall?!"
"Just make the time to take it in!
For I've made it for all!"

And as I do, I magnify
the One and Great Creator!
Yes, God, Himself, ordained all this,
and there is no One greater!
He tended to each intricacy
then said, "LET THERE BE LIGHT!"
Since then, He's given sight and scribe
so very much delight!

Yes, once again, the cooler morn-
so evident be 'Fall!'
Oh take it all in while, in homage,
His Holy Name you call!
Creative God--so worthy of
our worship and our praise!
He makes so very glorious
these cooler autumn days!

Yes, take it all in, my friend!  Beholding the glory of His creation--it NEVER gets old!  It does, however, get 'overlooked' when we busy ourselves with way too much!  Simplify YOUR life so that YOU can enjoy His glorious creations!


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