Thursday, October 20, 2022

"Numbers" or "Quality?"

Walk around a business for about 60 seconds.  I guarantee you that it will take no longer than that for you to realize whether or not the employees are happy at what they are doing and the product they are putting out has any quality or value!

A lot of good is going on
by people that are good.
There is no way to list them all,
there is no list that could!!
Regardless how one feels about
their 'company' or 'place,'
these people do their best each day
to make money and keep pace!
There are 'corporations' and 'companies'
that care less for these folk!
Anything but 'profit' they
consider as a joke!
They only see the 'numbers,' the 'dollars,'
they do not see each face
bringing in those 'dollars' that,
their pockets, are to grace!
BUT GOD, He has a different view
of 'economy.'
With Him, it is the faces of
the people He would see!
He already knows 'the bottom line,'
each loss and profit, too.
And, in HIS grand economy
are 'formulas' anew!

If 'success is going to be at all,
we must participate
and see that what OUR labors are
can be no less than 'great!'
For GOD is OUR Employer, not some
'company somewhere!'
For HE will guarantee our good
if we produce and CARE!

If there is ONE thing EVERYONE is looking for these days, it is 'appreciation!'  Success is one thing.  Money is another.  When one finds a job where they are appreciated, success and money somehow find a way to come together!  When will the employer learn this??

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