Monday, October 24, 2022

NEVER A Day Like Today!

'Just another day...'  But look around you!  Take in the glorious sight of His creation!  For there will NEVER be another day just like THIS ONE!  (And tomorrow will be even more glorious!)  Just DO NOT lose sight of Who gets credit!

The first frost of the season came
a couple days ago.
I needed several layers for
my shift at 'The Depot!'
But on THIS windy day I am
in shorts without a shirt
as we watch the colors of October
quilt the living dirt!

The bounty of the season, it
is floating through the air.
Some remains yet on the limbs
to accent everywhere!
The paintbrush of my Father, it
alone produces hues
that create such majesty
and most-memorable views!

Shades and contrasts beyond number
waiting for the eyes!
Provided by Almighty God
before 'time' was the wise!
We are allowed to savor such
each moment that we live,
while thanks, respect and adoration,
unto the Lord, we give!

Again, the glory and the wonder of 'October' on the landscape and floating through the air!  Even the essence of 'season' may we breathe in as we go about and accomplish what we must!  GOD IS SO GOOD!  Don't forget to thank Him for the wonder of His creation every chance you get!  HE IS WORTHY!


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