Wednesday, October 26, 2022

More of God's wonders!

Giving.  It is a joy for some...a drudgery for others.  However, when one learns the 'truths' of it, it becomes a wonder to behold!  Have YOU discovered that yet?

I am a servant of The Lord,

a child of The King!
One day, I know I'll reign with Him
throughout the age's ring!
However, before that Trumpet Sound,
each one of us is called,
And, in each task before us, we
should fully be enthralled!
And in the times we're in, there are
no shortages of tasks!
If I run out, there's always someone
who comes up and asks!

The perfect circle is to give
and KNOW He will provide!
Life happens all around us at
a pace that's not denied!
As long as we know God, He is
in absolute control,
we are guaranteed that He
will ever keep us whole!

Life's circle, it is blessed and ordered--
all its ups-and-downs!
If we do not bless one another,
God the Father frowns!
But IF we are a 'conduit'
of what comes by our sides,
there be no limit to the blessings
Father God provides!

It is always amazing the way that God provides!  The more we give, the more He sends our way!  Again, it's one of the enigmas of 'God's Economy!'  It is something that the simplest mind can grasp, yet a thing that confounds the wisest ones!

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