Saturday, October 8, 2022

Meanwhile, Behind the scenes...

Immortality.  A lot of folks mention that 'word.'  But just how many people actually believe it to be true?  Of a truth, each of us WILL live one of two places!  One is quite desirable!  The other, well, not so much!  But what we do in THIS life determines where we will spend the next!  And WHO we know in THIS life determines the same!  We MUST know Jesus Christ as our Savior!
But, beyond that day, what will be said of us?  Will we be soon forgotten?  Will we be remembered?  And for what?  It is certainly this man's desire that he be remembered for giving and encouraging others.  What greater legacy could one desire?

"My days, for they're amassing, Lord,
somehow, they've turned to years!
Things happen, and we feel some things,
that just TO US appears.
Others see us and our smiles,
our joy and jubilation...
they thank us for our happiness
and our inspiration!
They cannot see what all it takes
to don that 'happiness.'
Of a truth, it is genuine,
and, others, does it bless!
Then we go back home to the little
world that we are in,
and do our best for to recover
and do it all again!
They cannot see the braces that
I hide beneath my clothes-
that joyful person helping them
is what the avarice knows!
They notice not as You hold me up
to make it through the day...
they cannot sense the pain I'm in-
it is not on display!
BUT GOD, that's all do to YOUR grace
and glory through it all!
Were it not for Your touch, oh Lord,
I would collapse and all!
(No telling, then, what would be damaged
as I catch my fall!!)
But no, in Your great mercy and 
unswerving love for me
a joyful servant of Your service,
it is what they see!
And that is due Your grace alone
as I press on ahead,
by Your Holy Spirit, Father,
I'm securely led!

It is Your matchless, timeless grace
enabling me press on,
until the moments You've determined
are completely gone!
Immortality?  It is
secure in Jesus' hands.
And, when that moment comes to call,
'twill be at HIS command!"

Immortality.  Who wants to live forever?  Those who belong to Jesus and have been blessed with glimpses of His glory!  YOU have had no such glimpses?  Only ask him for such and PAY CLOSE ATTENTION!

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