Wednesday, October 19, 2022

Life in Motion

This life has so much going on in it.  Are YOU part of it?  For God did not save you to set you as a trophy on His shelf!  He saves us to be tools and instruments in His hand for His good use!

So many things in motion

we cannot understand!
These 'things' regard each person and
go on at God's command.
They are too great for us to grasp
with the finite mind,
but when we see Him face-to-face,
all reason we will find!
Until then, we press on in doing
everything we can:
doing that which He leads us to
around our fellow man.
For ALL MEN need a hand in life
REGARDLESS what they 'say,'
and we each need each other due
the 'issues' of the day!

For God is in control, He is.
But fellow man?  Not so!
We must avail ourselves, if
greatest victory we'll know!
With everything that's going on
in realms seen and unseen,
the wisdom and abilities
of others must we glean!
God put us here for one another,
and combining skills
will help us to accomplish all
that God the Father wills!

"For no man is an island," 
one wiser ago has said,
lest, at the end will be results
that we will ever dread!

So many things in motion.  So much going on!  God is in control of it all, and He doesn't need our help!  However, he gives us the PRIVILEGE of assisting Him when and where He tells us to.  WHAT A BLESSING!
Are YOU available for Him to use whenever He calls?

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