Sunday, October 9, 2022

His Firm Control!

We are a very proud people.  Sometimes, that's not such a 'good' thing.  And it shuts the door to the moving of God in one's life!  He IS in control, but I know so many who would say 'That's alright, God.  I've got this!'  Trust me, we MUST allow Him into EVERY part of our lives if we are going to see TRUE success!

Even right now, there are happenings
in the Spirit realm.
We would all be 'toast,' were it not
for Jesus at the helm!!
Though He 'appears' to have no say
in what is going on,
He is well aware of 'happenings,'
lest man would not go on!!
And, surely, there's a plan ordained
for every single soul!
And, of that plan, the Father, He
has absolute control!
No power here or anywhere
removes us from His hand!
In fact, those tragic, evil powers
bow to HIS command!

So, as you gaze about your life,
your world and your lot,
lose not sight of the truth that,
your each moment, He has got!
You may not 'see' it with your eyes
or 'feel' it through the day,
but He has sealed your destiny,
and GOOD will come your way!

I meet so many folks each day.
They run so low on 'hope!'
They wonder, with the way the world is,
how they'll even cope!!
But 'cope' they will...AND OVERCOME-
but HIS time to ordain!
And, when they hear the Trumpet Blast,
it's Paradise they'll gain!

Is that YOU?  You can't see how those bills will be paid?  GOD CAN!  You don't know what you're going to do about what the doctor just told you?  GOD KNOWS!  You cannot see a reason to go on living?  GOD CAN!  But you MUST relinquish that control to Him and TRUST!  That's a hard thing to do!  Almost impossible to some...BUT, it CAN be done!  TRUST HIM!


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