Sunday, October 30, 2022

Greater than THIS life!

Each and every day, ALL of us go through the 'same old...same old...!'  At the same time, that many of us wish/hope/pray that we can do something that will have a greater impact.
Have you ever thought, however, that there are so many out there watching our daily 'success' and saying 'I want to be like THAT some day...'

Oh, to be a part of something
greater than I be!
Too often do I make issue of
that which pertains to ME!
BUT GOD, but God has something happening
of which we are a part,
and it is something special and
so dear to HIS OWN heart!
Yes, Jesus Christ is so alive
and moving all around,
and HE possesses that ONE thing
that maketh ALL lives sound!
Yes!  The very Blood of Jesus Christ
is greater than ALL life-
it is THE answer to ALL questions,
it is THE source of Life!
And you and I can be a part
by sharing it abroad-
do so humbly, though, and God
Most High will men applaud!

Yes, there is more to living than
'What can I get for ME?'
And should we resign unto His Call,
results we may not see
until we stand beside Him in
that life beyond this one!
For all glory, it will go to One-
to Jesus Christ the son!

Can YOU live with that?  Can you
release your worldly claim
and see all glory go to
Jesus Christ and His great Name?

I promise you, there are MANY who desire to be like you.  LIVE LIKE THAT!  Give them an example to live by and, when you get a chance, ENCOURAGE THEM!  Everyone needs THAT!  Especially in the days that are with the way the world is!  Not everyone is aiming to be a rock star, most are just wanting to succeed at what they are assigned each day.  EDIFY THEM!  It will mean a LOT coming from YOU!

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