Tuesday, October 4, 2022

Glorious October!

Home now from work.  (If you want to call it that!!)  I spent several hours talking with people and helping them find what they needed.  I had a blast!  (Life is rough!!)  Anyway, right now, it is time to unwind, and I know exactly where to go and do so...

Autumn has the afternoon
secure inside her palm.
The scents, the sights, the sounds and the
inexplicable 'calm!'
The colors--they so radiate
across the fertile land:
from sentinels above my head,
held up by His Own hand,
to the rows of fertile groves
that line the hills afar...
it is the changing of the season
and, well-adorned, they are!
But only momentary are
the colors on display.
For soon, the same will quilt the ground
in glorious array!

As autumn has the afternoon
secure within her grip!
Eventually, her glorious hold
will surely start to slip!
But rush ye not the glory of
this time that God created!
Rather, each moment of the same
should be celebrated!!
Yea, savor every color and scent
the season would contain,
as, all too soon will be that time
of which too many complain!
But no complaints shall be right now
in beautiful elation!
And GOD, He shall be glorified
for HIS grand creation!!

Yes, God WILL be and IS glorified as I enjoy the peace of October out here in the yard!  IT'S BEAUTIFUL!!  The dogs, the MANY birds, the squirrels and the groundhogs all join my wife and I as we relax and praise The Mighty Name of God!

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