Tuesday, October 25, 2022

DOERS of The Word!

Yes, that's what we are called to be!  Not to sit somewhere warming a pew...not to show up on Sundays at a certain location to be seen by others...not even to put money in the offering bag as it goes by!  ANYONE CAN DO THAT!  No!  TRUE ministry takes place anytime, anywhere by those who have chosen to be 'tools in His hand!'

How much of life is spent on seeing

someone else is blessed?
As far as our own wants and needs,
we have the very best!
For God the Father makes sure that
there's no lack in my life!
So how far, then, can THIS man go
that others know not strife?
Our needs are met...our wants are few...
but there's an awful lot
who dream of having what we have
instead of what they've got!
And not that we are 'wealthy' as
'this world' considers such!
However, we lack very little
due to God's great touch!

'What Would Jesus Do?'--it has
become a mere 'tag line.'
BUT, unto those who REALLY care,
it is THE grand design!
Some of us are 'wealthy' and
we are not yet aware
of all the 'good' that we can do
in the name of 'care!'

Just take account, my brother man,
of ALL God's given YOU!
Then ask HIM to direct your steps
in the 'good' that you can do!
For He is able to do more
when you GIVE HIM control!
So, in the days beyond this life,
there might be one more soul!!

Spreading the Gospel is not always 'Preaching the Word' or 'Leading someone to That Lord.'  Sometimes, it is merely listening to someone...buying their lunch...giving them 'money for ______.'  Too often, we get caught up in 'preaching' His Word instead of actually 'living' His Word.

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