Friday, October 7, 2022

Blind Generosity

In this day and age, there are so many folks that go incognito, meeting or supplying what others' need or want.  God Himself smiles on that, you know?  They are tools in His very hand!

There are people of so much value-
they are in each of our lives.
Because of what they do 'behind the scenes'
one prospers and one thrives!
God has created these special folks
and uses them in places.
So many of us fortunate-
recipients of their graces!
And these 'special people' that would seem
to show up 'anywhere,'
their OWN lives be not 'perfect,' yet
continue they to care!
What about the pain THEY'RE in?
What about THEIR lack?
Such people do not count the cost,
they just keep giving back!
A special place is awaiting them
in Paradise ahead!
And, soon and very soon, I know,
by GOD will they be led!

For you and I go on with life
as fast as we can go.
But these blest folk must set a pace
just to 'progress,' you know!
They will not let on about their pain,
most will hide it well!
However, if YOU pay attention,
their 'limits' you can tell!

Yet on they go, in spite of pain,
and, some, in spite of funds!
For they will tend to someone's need
as though their 'stash' is rotund!
They do not stop and count the cost,
they just do what is needed-
with the satisfaction that
the Lord's Call has been heeded!

Pay attention!  Look about you!
They're closer than you think!
And they would rather go without
to see you 'in the pink!'
Take notice as you live YOUR day
for this most special breed.
And, if you can, try to attempt
to donate to their need!

They are all around us.  Some of them too proud to ask for help.  Some of them knowing not HOW to ask for help.  But ALL of them KNOWING that BY GOD the help will be there when they need it most.  Another example of blind trust and living by faith!


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