Sunday, October 2, 2022

Because it's the RIGHT thing to do!

Last week, Debby & I learned that a woman I used to work with was in need of some cash.  So we did the LOGICAL thing: we told the pastor about it...he then convened a board meeting...they 'prayed about it' to determine if she REALLY needed help, and then decided what to do about it.  (Yea, right!!)  NOT!  We did what God called us to do: we met her somewhere and gave her what she needed!  After all, WHAT WOULD JESUS DO?

Autumn in the afternoon.
The Lord and I converse.
We talk about 'giving,' you know, what some
would look at as a 'curse!'
"Hey Pastor, say anything you want,
but do not touch my money!"
But God, Himself, said much about such!
Don't you find that 'funny?!'

Yes, many get 'uncomfortable' when
you preach about their 'cash!'
However, Christ did not hold back
when HE spoke of our 'stash!'
In fact, He makes to multiply
all that we give away!

THEY are blessed!  And more is added
back to US same way!

When it comes to 'GOD's economy'
there's no way to explain,
except to say what we dispense,
far more becomes OUR gain!
And what is given--it so gains
unto its destination!
O try ye not to understand and just
obey HIS inclination!

We get more than we give away--
so it has been for years!
No matter what our 'income' is,
we have not any fears!
We see a need.  We meet the need
as best as we can do.
'Somehow,' my Good and Faithful God
provides our revenue!

Thus it has always been.  Thus it will always be.  WE CANNOT OUTGIVE GOD!  It's impossible!  Whatever we give to someone in need, God returns it to us--more and far better!  I cannot explain it.  Leave that to the theologians!  We are just gonna continue doing what we know works...EVEN THOUGH IT DEFIES LOGIC!
God is so good!!

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