Monday, October 24, 2022

Autumn's Variety!

Looking around the land this day.  The wind is already here.  Soon, the storms will arrive with their much-needed rain.  HALLELUJAH!  Before they do, however, I join my Father and behold His glorious creation...

Savoring the season as,
once again, the storms arrive.
The birds accomplish all they can
so they won't have to strive!
They go to every feeder I have
scattered through the yard.
They're even diving at the squirrels
seeking bounty hard!

All the while, the trees are dancing
with the able winds,
and their clothing, indiscreetly,
to the ground, descends!
All while I converse with Him--
Creator of it all.
Designer of the season that
we've come to know as 'Fall.'

God--so great and mighty and
so perfect with design,
in control of all, takes time
to join this world of mine
to enjoy the day with me
amongst the 'happenings,'
and, in it all, that perfect peace
and empathy, He brings!
He knows the 'all' of everything
that goes on everywhere,
and helps me focus on the 'good'
that He makes sure is there!
The same He does for everyone
who calls upon His Name,
that, peace that passes understanding,
we may freely claim!

Yes, this peaceful October day replete with gifts and blessings straight out of His hand!  God is so very generous to share it so freely with any who will slow down enough to notice!


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