Tuesday, October 18, 2022


There are some things that we, as children of God, must NEVER lose sight of!  Some of these 'things' are taken for granted.  However, that DOES NOT lessen their importance!

Jesus Christ is coming soon,
but He's not 'appeared' quite yet!
Keep working 'til that Trumpet sound-
a sound you'll not forget!
We will soon finish doing that 
which we've been called to do;
the work--for it is all for Him,
but tasks differ for me and you!

Too, we MUST refuse to be 'good,'
when 'excellence' can be!
That which I accomplished yesterday,
today may not be key!
I must keep doing better, each day
giving life all my best,
lest, when I stand before His throne,
the same may not be blessed!
NEVER view what I wrote before
and think "I have arrived!"
For that better verse from Him, I must
each and every day have thrived!
In doing such, I KNOW that He will
provide and so inspire
words of passion, empathy, love,
peace, grace and fire!

For that place of 'satisfaction' is
an awfully dangerous place!
It places us in carelessness,
away from His blessed grace!
So press ye onward, unrelenting
until HE says so!
For ONLY THEN, the greatest fruits
of victory we'll know!

Never, EVER, reach that point where you think you have done all that He has for you to do!  Never, EVER, pick up your Bible and think "I don't need to read this TODAY, for I have been reading and hearing it for years!"  For that Bible is a Living Being, therefore, each time we open it, it is going to have something new in it.  I PROMISE YOU!  You are NEVER too old or too schooled to know it ALL!  Father God Himself will see to that!!

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