Wednesday, October 26, 2022

Always Something!

There is ALWAYS something to celebrate...especially if you are born-again and Spirit-filled!!  As you go about the day, THIS life may not seem to have much to celebrate.  However, when you are in your devotion time with Jesus, there is an ABUNDANCE to celebrate, be happy and grateful for!

The glory and the majesty
of Jesus Christ, The King
is celebrated constantly
by each Angelic Being!
They are singing as they're circling
unending 'round The Throne;
thus, all throughout the heavenlies,
His praises, they are known!
All the while, around the world,
THIS life--it varies so,
even for the faithful, He
would infinitely know!
But then that have Him in their hearts,
they have The Upper Hand,
and 'favor' seems to come their way
as they traverse the land!
And even in the 'challenges'
that 'every day' would bring,
inside be cause to celebrate,
results to make us sing!

The glory and the Majesty
are REAL and everywhere
to anyone who MAKES the time,
His Majesty is there!
It's just a taste of what His Own
shall live forevermore
when He receives us and transports us
to His Glory Shore!

You belong to Him?  Then you KNOW that Paradise awaits if we but endure!  You DON'T belong to Him?  Just ask one of His Own.  They will instruct you how to become born-again and BELONG!
It is a decision that you will NEVER regret!  God ahead!  ask Jesus into YOUR heart today so that, unto Him, you'll belong!  There is ALWAYS room for more!

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