Monday, October 31, 2022

'The Falling Away'

Yes, the Word of God spoke of it.  However, how many of us thought that it was referring to 'believers?'  Could it be that it was referring to His 'leaders?'

"The first day of November
with summer in the wind?
The elements are fickle as
the leaves, they yet descend!
But I ponder on this morning
a 'descent' of other kind,
one that is quite concerning, yet
is so widespread to find:
pastors, priests and ministers
of all denomination
are giving up and walking out
but all across the nation!
People getting 'saved' and baptized
is at an all-time low!
Where and when, o tell me, Lord,
did we, so wrong, go?!
Even 'worship' of You do we
use to 'entertain,'
instead of heartfelt 'adoration,'
Your Presence, for to gain!

How far must we regress, oh Lord,
to get back to the point
when, our 'sacrifice of praise,'
You'll take in and anoint?
Our service and devotion should
be pleasing unto You,
not mere 'weekly' or 'daily' THINGS,
habitually, we do!!
For You are worthy of much more
from the ones You call!
For THEN, perhaps, our pastors, priests
and leaders will stay their Call!"

I know that, in the days we are in, employers such as I are having trouble getting folks to come to work...or even apply!  However, WE, being The Body of Christ, should NOT be experiencing the same problems that the world is having!  GOD HELP US!
A painful and true fact it is that 'The Ministry' is seeing a mighty falling away in the days that are.  Is THIS what The Word spoke about when it told of 'a great, falling away?'  Hmm...


Sunday, October 30, 2022

Greater than THIS life!

Each and every day, ALL of us go through the 'same old...same old...!'  At the same time, that many of us wish/hope/pray that we can do something that will have a greater impact.
Have you ever thought, however, that there are so many out there watching our daily 'success' and saying 'I want to be like THAT some day...'

Oh, to be a part of something
greater than I be!
Too often do I make issue of
that which pertains to ME!
BUT GOD, but God has something happening
of which we are a part,
and it is something special and
so dear to HIS OWN heart!
Yes, Jesus Christ is so alive
and moving all around,
and HE possesses that ONE thing
that maketh ALL lives sound!
Yes!  The very Blood of Jesus Christ
is greater than ALL life-
it is THE answer to ALL questions,
it is THE source of Life!
And you and I can be a part
by sharing it abroad-
do so humbly, though, and God
Most High will men applaud!

Yes, there is more to living than
'What can I get for ME?'
And should we resign unto His Call,
results we may not see
until we stand beside Him in
that life beyond this one!
For all glory, it will go to One-
to Jesus Christ the son!

Can YOU live with that?  Can you
release your worldly claim
and see all glory go to
Jesus Christ and His great Name?

I promise you, there are MANY who desire to be like you.  LIVE LIKE THAT!  Give them an example to live by and, when you get a chance, ENCOURAGE THEM!  Everyone needs THAT!  Especially in the days that are with the way the world is!  Not everyone is aiming to be a rock star, most are just wanting to succeed at what they are assigned each day.  EDIFY THEM!  It will mean a LOT coming from YOU!

Saturday, October 29, 2022

The GOOD Day ahead!

Good morning.  Yes, a GOOD morning.  Regardless of the day ahead of you, if you are a child of God, it WILL be a GOOD day!  I promise you!

A perfect morning--overcast,
between the hot and cold...
time with God before the day-
it never does get old!
Especially THIS time of year
as the seasons change-
a kaleidoscope that just
The Father could arrange!
And when the sun peeks in and out
those shades are set aglow!
All while very able breezes,
across the mountains, blow!
In the same, so many colors
fly so freely by,
eventually to make a quilt
so pleasing to the eye!
But there's even a kaleidoscope
across the open skies
that God alone creates--so very
pleasant to the eyes!
He paints it so that we can draw
from it throughout the day.
He knows how busy we can get
upon the narrow way!
Wherever we are heading and
whatever be the chore,
He sends reminders He is with us
opening each door!
And those 'reminders, they can come
in oh, so many forms,
As God Creator NEVER, to
our own 'specs,' conforms!

A perfect morning.  Doing what must be done, going where God leads and beholding His awesome touch each step of the way.  WE ARE SO BLESSED!


Friday, October 28, 2022

Starting Over

Life is beautiful.  Most of us can agree upon this truth.  Nature, however, can come along and disrupt this beautiful life with her fury.  What do we do THEN?!

Life is oh so beautiful,

so wondrous and so rare!
We are so very blessed, we are,
to sample of its fare!
There be a part of living, though,
that each of us go through
that's terrifying, violent, deadly
for no matter who!
For elements, they come together,
rapidly to form!
Professionals, they play it down
by saying "It's just a storm!"
But each of them be different in
their makeup and affects,
and their results, when they pass by,
can turn lives into wrecks!
BUT GOD, so very merciful
in everything He does,
He gives us BETTER when such hits,
instead of that which 'was!'

Regardless of the 'elements'
and the aftermath,
GOD IS PRESENT e'er to help us
cope with nature's wrath!
He knows the life that we have known
and helps us to recover;
proving that, over each ones' lives,
He's CONSTANTLY to hover!

Yes, the storm came and went.  We look around and see the aftermath and effects of Nature's fury.  God, however, looks around at the same and sees the potential for us to have better than what was before the storm!  TRUST HIM!

Wednesday, October 26, 2022

Always Something!

There is ALWAYS something to celebrate...especially if you are born-again and Spirit-filled!!  As you go about the day, THIS life may not seem to have much to celebrate.  However, when you are in your devotion time with Jesus, there is an ABUNDANCE to celebrate, be happy and grateful for!

The glory and the majesty
of Jesus Christ, The King
is celebrated constantly
by each Angelic Being!
They are singing as they're circling
unending 'round The Throne;
thus, all throughout the heavenlies,
His praises, they are known!
All the while, around the world,
THIS life--it varies so,
even for the faithful, He
would infinitely know!
But then that have Him in their hearts,
they have The Upper Hand,
and 'favor' seems to come their way
as they traverse the land!
And even in the 'challenges'
that 'every day' would bring,
inside be cause to celebrate,
results to make us sing!

The glory and the Majesty
are REAL and everywhere
to anyone who MAKES the time,
His Majesty is there!
It's just a taste of what His Own
shall live forevermore
when He receives us and transports us
to His Glory Shore!

You belong to Him?  Then you KNOW that Paradise awaits if we but endure!  You DON'T belong to Him?  Just ask one of His Own.  They will instruct you how to become born-again and BELONG!
It is a decision that you will NEVER regret!  God ahead!  ask Jesus into YOUR heart today so that, unto Him, you'll belong!  There is ALWAYS room for more!

More of God's wonders!

Giving.  It is a joy for some...a drudgery for others.  However, when one learns the 'truths' of it, it becomes a wonder to behold!  Have YOU discovered that yet?

I am a servant of The Lord,

a child of The King!
One day, I know I'll reign with Him
throughout the age's ring!
However, before that Trumpet Sound,
each one of us is called,
And, in each task before us, we
should fully be enthralled!
And in the times we're in, there are
no shortages of tasks!
If I run out, there's always someone
who comes up and asks!

The perfect circle is to give
and KNOW He will provide!
Life happens all around us at
a pace that's not denied!
As long as we know God, He is
in absolute control,
we are guaranteed that He
will ever keep us whole!

Life's circle, it is blessed and ordered--
all its ups-and-downs!
If we do not bless one another,
God the Father frowns!
But IF we are a 'conduit'
of what comes by our sides,
there be no limit to the blessings
Father God provides!

It is always amazing the way that God provides!  The more we give, the more He sends our way!  Again, it's one of the enigmas of 'God's Economy!'  It is something that the simplest mind can grasp, yet a thing that confounds the wisest ones!

Tuesday, October 25, 2022

DOERS of The Word!

Yes, that's what we are called to be!  Not to sit somewhere warming a pew...not to show up on Sundays at a certain location to be seen by others...not even to put money in the offering bag as it goes by!  ANYONE CAN DO THAT!  No!  TRUE ministry takes place anytime, anywhere by those who have chosen to be 'tools in His hand!'

How much of life is spent on seeing

someone else is blessed?
As far as our own wants and needs,
we have the very best!
For God the Father makes sure that
there's no lack in my life!
So how far, then, can THIS man go
that others know not strife?
Our needs are met...our wants are few...
but there's an awful lot
who dream of having what we have
instead of what they've got!
And not that we are 'wealthy' as
'this world' considers such!
However, we lack very little
due to God's great touch!

'What Would Jesus Do?'--it has
become a mere 'tag line.'
BUT, unto those who REALLY care,
it is THE grand design!
Some of us are 'wealthy' and
we are not yet aware
of all the 'good' that we can do
in the name of 'care!'

Just take account, my brother man,
of ALL God's given YOU!
Then ask HIM to direct your steps
in the 'good' that you can do!
For He is able to do more
when you GIVE HIM control!
So, in the days beyond this life,
there might be one more soul!!

Spreading the Gospel is not always 'Preaching the Word' or 'Leading someone to That Lord.'  Sometimes, it is merely listening to someone...buying their them 'money for ______.'  Too often, we get caught up in 'preaching' His Word instead of actually 'living' His Word.

Monday, October 24, 2022

NEVER A Day Like Today!

'Just another day...'  But look around you!  Take in the glorious sight of His creation!  For there will NEVER be another day just like THIS ONE!  (And tomorrow will be even more glorious!)  Just DO NOT lose sight of Who gets credit!

The first frost of the season came
a couple days ago.
I needed several layers for
my shift at 'The Depot!'
But on THIS windy day I am
in shorts without a shirt
as we watch the colors of October
quilt the living dirt!

The bounty of the season, it
is floating through the air.
Some remains yet on the limbs
to accent everywhere!
The paintbrush of my Father, it
alone produces hues
that create such majesty
and most-memorable views!

Shades and contrasts beyond number
waiting for the eyes!
Provided by Almighty God
before 'time' was the wise!
We are allowed to savor such
each moment that we live,
while thanks, respect and adoration,
unto the Lord, we give!

Again, the glory and the wonder of 'October' on the landscape and floating through the air!  Even the essence of 'season' may we breathe in as we go about and accomplish what we must!  GOD IS SO GOOD!  Don't forget to thank Him for the wonder of His creation every chance you get!  HE IS WORTHY!


Autumn's Variety!

Looking around the land this day.  The wind is already here.  Soon, the storms will arrive with their much-needed rain.  HALLELUJAH!  Before they do, however, I join my Father and behold His glorious creation...

Savoring the season as,
once again, the storms arrive.
The birds accomplish all they can
so they won't have to strive!
They go to every feeder I have
scattered through the yard.
They're even diving at the squirrels
seeking bounty hard!

All the while, the trees are dancing
with the able winds,
and their clothing, indiscreetly,
to the ground, descends!
All while I converse with Him--
Creator of it all.
Designer of the season that
we've come to know as 'Fall.'

God--so great and mighty and
so perfect with design,
in control of all, takes time
to join this world of mine
to enjoy the day with me
amongst the 'happenings,'
and, in it all, that perfect peace
and empathy, He brings!
He knows the 'all' of everything
that goes on everywhere,
and helps me focus on the 'good'
that He makes sure is there!
The same He does for everyone
who calls upon His Name,
that, peace that passes understanding,
we may freely claim!

Yes, this peaceful October day replete with gifts and blessings straight out of His hand!  God is so very generous to share it so freely with any who will slow down enough to notice!


Friday, October 21, 2022

Our Precious TIME!

The day each day.  A lot of us have routines and plans for each of them.  Some of those days, however, do not always go as we have planned.  Can YOU live with that?

Aah...the precious afternoon!
The duties all are done.
Now, it is time to watch the autumn
out here in the sun!
The glory of His handiwork-
it is in full display!
How many are the colors that
are counted on this day?

Then it happens!  The doorbell rings,
or the phone goes off!
Somebody somewhere needs a hand,
am I supposed to scoff?
'I can't come over.  I'm too tired...'
'I just got home from work...'
If such is my response to them,
then I am just a jerk!
For we are here for one another.
A 'purpose' have we each.
And we MUST respond to calls like this
if we are going to reach!
God never says 'I'll be right there.
Just wait until I'm done.'
He never says 'Call back tomorrow!'
He says 'What is it, son?'

Yes.  I am tired from the day,
but my neighbor needs a hand.
And it won't take but a little while
to see to his demand.
We must ALL be available
if we belong to God.
For He'll see to it that our efforts,
someone will applaud!

Yes, what MUST be taken care of has already been accomplished.  Even this evening, I am very tired.  HOWEVER, I know that if I come down here to the computer God will provide words that will minister to someone.  I certainly hope it's YOU!

Thursday, October 20, 2022

"Numbers" or "Quality?"

Walk around a business for about 60 seconds.  I guarantee you that it will take no longer than that for you to realize whether or not the employees are happy at what they are doing and the product they are putting out has any quality or value!

A lot of good is going on
by people that are good.
There is no way to list them all,
there is no list that could!!
Regardless how one feels about
their 'company' or 'place,'
these people do their best each day
to make money and keep pace!
There are 'corporations' and 'companies'
that care less for these folk!
Anything but 'profit' they
consider as a joke!
They only see the 'numbers,' the 'dollars,'
they do not see each face
bringing in those 'dollars' that,
their pockets, are to grace!
BUT GOD, He has a different view
of 'economy.'
With Him, it is the faces of
the people He would see!
He already knows 'the bottom line,'
each loss and profit, too.
And, in HIS grand economy
are 'formulas' anew!

If 'success is going to be at all,
we must participate
and see that what OUR labors are
can be no less than 'great!'
For GOD is OUR Employer, not some
'company somewhere!'
For HE will guarantee our good
if we produce and CARE!

If there is ONE thing EVERYONE is looking for these days, it is 'appreciation!'  Success is one thing.  Money is another.  When one finds a job where they are appreciated, success and money somehow find a way to come together!  When will the employer learn this??

Wednesday, October 19, 2022

Life in Motion

This life has so much going on in it.  Are YOU part of it?  For God did not save you to set you as a trophy on His shelf!  He saves us to be tools and instruments in His hand for His good use!

So many things in motion

we cannot understand!
These 'things' regard each person and
go on at God's command.
They are too great for us to grasp
with the finite mind,
but when we see Him face-to-face,
all reason we will find!
Until then, we press on in doing
everything we can:
doing that which He leads us to
around our fellow man.
For ALL MEN need a hand in life
REGARDLESS what they 'say,'
and we each need each other due
the 'issues' of the day!

For God is in control, He is.
But fellow man?  Not so!
We must avail ourselves, if
greatest victory we'll know!
With everything that's going on
in realms seen and unseen,
the wisdom and abilities
of others must we glean!
God put us here for one another,
and combining skills
will help us to accomplish all
that God the Father wills!

"For no man is an island," 
one wiser ago has said,
lest, at the end will be results
that we will ever dread!

So many things in motion.  So much going on!  God is in control of it all, and He doesn't need our help!  However, he gives us the PRIVILEGE of assisting Him when and where He tells us to.  WHAT A BLESSING!
Are YOU available for Him to use whenever He calls?

Tuesday, October 18, 2022


There are some things that we, as children of God, must NEVER lose sight of!  Some of these 'things' are taken for granted.  However, that DOES NOT lessen their importance!

Jesus Christ is coming soon,
but He's not 'appeared' quite yet!
Keep working 'til that Trumpet sound-
a sound you'll not forget!
We will soon finish doing that 
which we've been called to do;
the work--for it is all for Him,
but tasks differ for me and you!

Too, we MUST refuse to be 'good,'
when 'excellence' can be!
That which I accomplished yesterday,
today may not be key!
I must keep doing better, each day
giving life all my best,
lest, when I stand before His throne,
the same may not be blessed!
NEVER view what I wrote before
and think "I have arrived!"
For that better verse from Him, I must
each and every day have thrived!
In doing such, I KNOW that He will
provide and so inspire
words of passion, empathy, love,
peace, grace and fire!

For that place of 'satisfaction' is
an awfully dangerous place!
It places us in carelessness,
away from His blessed grace!
So press ye onward, unrelenting
until HE says so!
For ONLY THEN, the greatest fruits
of victory we'll know!

Never, EVER, reach that point where you think you have done all that He has for you to do!  Never, EVER, pick up your Bible and think "I don't need to read this TODAY, for I have been reading and hearing it for years!"  For that Bible is a Living Being, therefore, each time we open it, it is going to have something new in it.  I PROMISE YOU!  You are NEVER too old or too schooled to know it ALL!  Father God Himself will see to that!!

Sunday, October 16, 2022


In this day and age, with as busy as we can become, SOMETIMES we ignore the fact that we belong to God, and that HE sees and knows EVERYTHING.  One of these days, we are going to have to give Him account of 'everything.'  Where, then, will we stand?

Another glorious afternoon!
Folks working in the yard...
God providing breeze and sunlight
for those working hard.
Looking so far down the road
at folks out in the sun;
working on their property,
doing what must be done.

I notice how another 'neighbor'
goes out of his way
to blow his leaves and throw his branches
where people are 'away.'
He looks around, then throws HIS branches
into THEIR backyard!
To see his type of 'character,'
it is not very hard.
Just because he doesn't want
to deal with nature's 'mess,'
he sets aside integrity
and all righteousness!!
If he had ANY class, he would,
such, properly dispense!
Sure, he has a beautiful yard,
but at WHOSE expense?!

ALL that is done in secret will be
surely brought to light!
Some will cower at that time in shame
while others will delight!
Let US make sure our every thought,
each deed and every word
is girded with INTEGRITY,
before That Day is occurred!

"Oh, it's just a little thing.  Nobody's gonna know..."
"Ahhh...they have enough property.  They'll never notice!"
"Just tell them you accomplished that task.  Besides, no one ever checks your work..."
All of these are lies that we tell ourselves to avoid ___________, AND because we can get away with it!  Again, INTEGRITY IS WHAT YOU ARE WHEN NO ONE IS LOOKING!!


Adoration Without End!

There is a Place.  A PERFECT Place!  Adoration is happening there constantly, eternally unto Jesus Christ The King!  And YOU can be part of it!

Adoration never ceases...

music never stops...
The song "HOLY! HOLY! HOLY!"
No angel ever drops!
It goes on without ceasing 'round
His glory and His throne!
Yet, all the while it's happening,
we NEVER are 'alone!'

For He is worthy of all praises-
Jesus Christ the King!
He ever reigns in majesty,
and, unto Him, we sing!
All creation joins us in
that never-ending song,
and that glorious adoration, it
will be forever-long!

Holy is that song!!
It resonates from every heart
that He's called to 'belong!'
It resonates from all creation,
we but harmonize
unto the One Who saves the soul,
Who lives beyond the skies!
However, He has residence
secure in the devout!
We magnify His Mighty Name
If there's ONE thing I've come to know
So liberally, as we adore Him,
security is known!!

Yes, one thing that this world cannot guarantee us is SECURITY!  However, it is truly found in JESUS CHRIST!  Yes, in Christ alone is what you are looking for!  ALL you are looking for!  And He is worthy of all praise and adoration!  Just listen to those who constantly circle His throne!  Trust Him today as YOUR Savior and Lord!

Saturday, October 15, 2022

Truth Unshakeable!

WE ARE VICTORIOUS!  Get that straight!  However, we must live for the moment in an imperfect world where 'defeat' is awaiting our every step!  Let not such hinder us, however, from going forward and doing as HE commands!

"In a hopeless world, Lord, You are Hope!

In EVERY situation, You help cope!
You offer peace when such cannot be found.
You keep us grounded, Lord,  You keep us sound!

So many situations has this life-
everything from ecstasy to strife!
But, with You as our only 'wherewithal,'
we can face 'situations,' one and all!
And IN those 'situations' we have 'hope'
ABOVE the world and its reaching scope!
It CANNOT fathom the Peace, Lord, that You are!
You grant such peace...and NEVER from 'afar!'

A 'hopeless world' for now...but one awaits!
One that defies all 'deadlines' and all 'dates!'
One that contains perfection evermore!
We long, we long, Lord, for that Golden Shore!
Though, through THIS life, You more than just 'supply!'
We KNOW that it will be perfection There,
and we will have the ultimate of care!

O God, You are so good, You are so great!
We trust fully in Your 'hope' and not in 'fate!'
In doing so, victorious we be!
'EVEN SO, COME QUICKLY' cry out we'!

Yes, the cry of the heart as we live through each day be "COME QUICKLY, LORD JESUS!"  Even though there is still work to be done...even though there are souls to be reached...even though there are some who have not yet received their healing...we KNOW that they will when You split the skies!

Friday, October 14, 2022

The Ocean Breeze

The breezes go without control right now as I walk through the sand.  Hand-in-hand with the one that I love, we watch all of the ingredients of God's glorious creation!

The modest winds are evident

upon this lazy day.
I notice as the sea is 'choppy'
all across the bay.
And, just beyond the lighthouse.
waves unending crash and break,
while, miles offshore, the skies are black--
this evening, what's at stake?!

But that is later on.  Right now
the autumn sun is high!
It sets aglow the breakers and
the seagulls flying by!
It is a welcome respite from
the very busy week.
So perfect, the sabbatical
that my soul would seek!

For only God could make a place
so beautiful, so ideal!
Though I can see it very clear,
to some would He conceal.
'It's just a stormy coastline with
some waters that are rough...'
but, to the seasoned eye, it is
inspiring enough!

'O thank You for the ocean and
its wonder--so alive!
Its majesty and power and
its life will ever thrive!
And it is fascination for
the one with pen in hand!
Creation and its wonderments-
all in God's command!'

Surely, there is a stormy night in store!  However, right now, here upon the coast, the magnificence of HIS creation is so alive and thriving!  Savor every moment of it as you give God all the glory!  HE IS SO GENEROUS!

Sunday, October 9, 2022

His Firm Control!

We are a very proud people.  Sometimes, that's not such a 'good' thing.  And it shuts the door to the moving of God in one's life!  He IS in control, but I know so many who would say 'That's alright, God.  I've got this!'  Trust me, we MUST allow Him into EVERY part of our lives if we are going to see TRUE success!

Even right now, there are happenings
in the Spirit realm.
We would all be 'toast,' were it not
for Jesus at the helm!!
Though He 'appears' to have no say
in what is going on,
He is well aware of 'happenings,'
lest man would not go on!!
And, surely, there's a plan ordained
for every single soul!
And, of that plan, the Father, He
has absolute control!
No power here or anywhere
removes us from His hand!
In fact, those tragic, evil powers
bow to HIS command!

So, as you gaze about your life,
your world and your lot,
lose not sight of the truth that,
your each moment, He has got!
You may not 'see' it with your eyes
or 'feel' it through the day,
but He has sealed your destiny,
and GOOD will come your way!

I meet so many folks each day.
They run so low on 'hope!'
They wonder, with the way the world is,
how they'll even cope!!
But 'cope' they will...AND OVERCOME-
but HIS time to ordain!
And, when they hear the Trumpet Blast,
it's Paradise they'll gain!

Is that YOU?  You can't see how those bills will be paid?  GOD CAN!  You don't know what you're going to do about what the doctor just told you?  GOD KNOWS!  You cannot see a reason to go on living?  GOD CAN!  But you MUST relinquish that control to Him and TRUST!  That's a hard thing to do!  Almost impossible to some...BUT, it CAN be done!  TRUST HIM!


Saturday, October 8, 2022

Meanwhile, Behind the scenes...

Immortality.  A lot of folks mention that 'word.'  But just how many people actually believe it to be true?  Of a truth, each of us WILL live one of two places!  One is quite desirable!  The other, well, not so much!  But what we do in THIS life determines where we will spend the next!  And WHO we know in THIS life determines the same!  We MUST know Jesus Christ as our Savior!
But, beyond that day, what will be said of us?  Will we be soon forgotten?  Will we be remembered?  And for what?  It is certainly this man's desire that he be remembered for giving and encouraging others.  What greater legacy could one desire?

"My days, for they're amassing, Lord,
somehow, they've turned to years!
Things happen, and we feel some things,
that just TO US appears.
Others see us and our smiles,
our joy and jubilation...
they thank us for our happiness
and our inspiration!
They cannot see what all it takes
to don that 'happiness.'
Of a truth, it is genuine,
and, others, does it bless!
Then we go back home to the little
world that we are in,
and do our best for to recover
and do it all again!
They cannot see the braces that
I hide beneath my clothes-
that joyful person helping them
is what the avarice knows!
They notice not as You hold me up
to make it through the day...
they cannot sense the pain I'm in-
it is not on display!
BUT GOD, that's all do to YOUR grace
and glory through it all!
Were it not for Your touch, oh Lord,
I would collapse and all!
(No telling, then, what would be damaged
as I catch my fall!!)
But no, in Your great mercy and 
unswerving love for me
a joyful servant of Your service,
it is what they see!
And that is due Your grace alone
as I press on ahead,
by Your Holy Spirit, Father,
I'm securely led!

It is Your matchless, timeless grace
enabling me press on,
until the moments You've determined
are completely gone!
Immortality?  It is
secure in Jesus' hands.
And, when that moment comes to call,
'twill be at HIS command!"

Immortality.  Who wants to live forever?  Those who belong to Jesus and have been blessed with glimpses of His glory!  YOU have had no such glimpses?  Only ask him for such and PAY CLOSE ATTENTION!

Friday, October 7, 2022

Blind Generosity

In this day and age, there are so many folks that go incognito, meeting or supplying what others' need or want.  God Himself smiles on that, you know?  They are tools in His very hand!

There are people of so much value-
they are in each of our lives.
Because of what they do 'behind the scenes'
one prospers and one thrives!
God has created these special folks
and uses them in places.
So many of us fortunate-
recipients of their graces!
And these 'special people' that would seem
to show up 'anywhere,'
their OWN lives be not 'perfect,' yet
continue they to care!
What about the pain THEY'RE in?
What about THEIR lack?
Such people do not count the cost,
they just keep giving back!
A special place is awaiting them
in Paradise ahead!
And, soon and very soon, I know,
by GOD will they be led!

For you and I go on with life
as fast as we can go.
But these blest folk must set a pace
just to 'progress,' you know!
They will not let on about their pain,
most will hide it well!
However, if YOU pay attention,
their 'limits' you can tell!

Yet on they go, in spite of pain,
and, some, in spite of funds!
For they will tend to someone's need
as though their 'stash' is rotund!
They do not stop and count the cost,
they just do what is needed-
with the satisfaction that
the Lord's Call has been heeded!

Pay attention!  Look about you!
They're closer than you think!
And they would rather go without
to see you 'in the pink!'
Take notice as you live YOUR day
for this most special breed.
And, if you can, try to attempt
to donate to their need!

They are all around us.  Some of them too proud to ask for help.  Some of them knowing not HOW to ask for help.  But ALL of them KNOWING that BY GOD the help will be there when they need it most.  Another example of blind trust and living by faith!


Support System

A typical day of the week.  You get ready and go do your best to be the best that you can be.  For a great many, however, that is more easily said than done!  Regardless what you have been taught or have heard, WE ALL NEED ONE ANOTHER!!

'How can I help you today?'
'I'm here if you have need!'
'Why yes!  Those are on aisle 16
right above the seed!'
'You're welcome!  You just holler if
another need should be!
And, by the way, your presence in
our store is good to see!'

'What's that?  You say you have a need
that IS NOT in the store?'
'Yes, I have time.'  'Hey, guys, I'll be back...'
'That's what friends are for!
Why, yes, I am THAT GUY who prays
that you have heard about!
What is it that is on your heart?
For God can work it out!
You're welcome.  EVERYONE needs someone
to listen AND to hear!
And I'll keep praying for your son
until he's in the clear!'

Each and every one of us need
a system of 'support!'
Without each other and The Lord,
to WHAT shall we resort?!
And if you think you're strong enough
to live this life 'alone,'
you just lie to yourself and make
your ignorance be known!

Yes, each and every one of us need at least several other folks in life that we can be honest with and pour our heart out to!  I don't care WHO you are or how STRONG you THINK you are, that support system is of utmost importance!  Even Jesus Himself had disciples with Him that he could share with!  What makes YOU think you can do this by yourself?!

Thursday, October 6, 2022

Time, Precious Time

Life can be as full or as empty as we choose.  It's all up to us.  However, if you are a child of The King, there are never things to do that never end...therefore, we must seek HIS balance through each day!

There are so many things these days.
Each day can be anew!
But more than all, we must wonder
"What would Jesus do?
An entire day ahead of me,
with 'the job' two days away.
But I desire You, my Father,
would direct my day!
I would that You would use this man
in ALL I say and do!
I would that my feet find that path
that brings the most TO YOU!
I know that there are folks and places
starving for Your touch!
Take me, Father.  I will follow,
and give You glory much!"

I can think of no better way
to occupy my day
than to see that Jesus is shared
all along the way!
The same will benefit all others
that are in my path,
and maybe even spare a few
from 'yon impending wrath!

Sure, I could go spend several hours fishing.  God wouldn't mind that at all!  HE WILL SURELY JOIN ME!  Or I could spend several days cataloguing Hot Wheels!  (Which surely NEEDS to be done!)  But I want to do something to glorify Him, and I long as I follow His lead!

Tuesday, October 4, 2022

Glorious October!

Home now from work.  (If you want to call it that!!)  I spent several hours talking with people and helping them find what they needed.  I had a blast!  (Life is rough!!)  Anyway, right now, it is time to unwind, and I know exactly where to go and do so...

Autumn has the afternoon
secure inside her palm.
The scents, the sights, the sounds and the
inexplicable 'calm!'
The colors--they so radiate
across the fertile land:
from sentinels above my head,
held up by His Own hand,
to the rows of fertile groves
that line the hills afar...
it is the changing of the season
and, well-adorned, they are!
But only momentary are
the colors on display.
For soon, the same will quilt the ground
in glorious array!

As autumn has the afternoon
secure within her grip!
Eventually, her glorious hold
will surely start to slip!
But rush ye not the glory of
this time that God created!
Rather, each moment of the same
should be celebrated!!
Yea, savor every color and scent
the season would contain,
as, all too soon will be that time
of which too many complain!
But no complaints shall be right now
in beautiful elation!
And GOD, He shall be glorified
for HIS grand creation!!

Yes, God WILL be and IS glorified as I enjoy the peace of October out here in the yard!  IT'S BEAUTIFUL!!  The dogs, the MANY birds, the squirrels and the groundhogs all join my wife and I as we relax and praise The Mighty Name of God!

Monday, October 3, 2022


I heard someone say earlier today "You can find a thousand reasons to say 'No.'  But look instead for that ONE reason to say 'Yes' and cultivate it, exploit it and act upon it!"

It seems that everywhere we turn
somebody tells us 'No!'
There are 'limitations' and 'excuses'
everywhere we go!!
I can devise a thousand ways,
excuses to say 'No!'
But just a single 'Yes' from me--
say, how far will that go?

Are we so wrapped up in OURSELVES
and what WE want to do
that we overlook our neighbor or
our brother in his due?
If I can't find the time to say
'Yes' to another's need,
then, surely, at the bidding of
The Lord, I won't succeed!

So very busy is this life--
but NOT too busy to care!!
If we have no time for one another,
then we've gone wrong somewhere!!
Retrace your steps.  Go find that place
and make corrections needed,
lest we find ourselves in that black place
where prayers, they are NOT heeded!

And, sadly, there IS such a place.  For God said to us in His Word that if we began to neglect one another, then our very prayers TO HIM would hit a brick wall!  WHAT A HORRIBLE PLACE THAT WILL BE!

Sunday, October 2, 2022

Because it's the RIGHT thing to do!

Last week, Debby & I learned that a woman I used to work with was in need of some cash.  So we did the LOGICAL thing: we told the pastor about it...he then convened a board meeting...they 'prayed about it' to determine if she REALLY needed help, and then decided what to do about it.  (Yea, right!!)  NOT!  We did what God called us to do: we met her somewhere and gave her what she needed!  After all, WHAT WOULD JESUS DO?

Autumn in the afternoon.
The Lord and I converse.
We talk about 'giving,' you know, what some
would look at as a 'curse!'
"Hey Pastor, say anything you want,
but do not touch my money!"
But God, Himself, said much about such!
Don't you find that 'funny?!'

Yes, many get 'uncomfortable' when
you preach about their 'cash!'
However, Christ did not hold back
when HE spoke of our 'stash!'
In fact, He makes to multiply
all that we give away!

THEY are blessed!  And more is added
back to US same way!

When it comes to 'GOD's economy'
there's no way to explain,
except to say what we dispense,
far more becomes OUR gain!
And what is given--it so gains
unto its destination!
O try ye not to understand and just
obey HIS inclination!

We get more than we give away--
so it has been for years!
No matter what our 'income' is,
we have not any fears!
We see a need.  We meet the need
as best as we can do.
'Somehow,' my Good and Faithful God
provides our revenue!

Thus it has always been.  Thus it will always be.  WE CANNOT OUTGIVE GOD!  It's impossible!  Whatever we give to someone in need, God returns it to us--more and far better!  I cannot explain it.  Leave that to the theologians!  We are just gonna continue doing what we know works...EVEN THOUGH IT DEFIES LOGIC!
God is so good!!

Saturday, October 1, 2022


A busy, October weekend.  Before I even CONSIDER the list, however, I join my Creator God with my coffee to behold the works of His hand.  For they are never-ending, you know?  And they never, EVER get old!!

Autumn sings to wake me up
and greet me on this day!
Oh, so very many things
her serenade would say!
"Have you seen the brilliance of
the blue sky overhead?!"
"Have you seen how the risen sun
has so enhanced the 'red?'"
"And how about the kaleidoscope 
that is about to fall?!"
"Just make the time to take it in!
For I've made it for all!"

And as I do, I magnify
the One and Great Creator!
Yes, God, Himself, ordained all this,
and there is no One greater!
He tended to each intricacy
then said, "LET THERE BE LIGHT!"
Since then, He's given sight and scribe
so very much delight!

Yes, once again, the cooler morn-
so evident be 'Fall!'
Oh take it all in while, in homage,
His Holy Name you call!
Creative God--so worthy of
our worship and our praise!
He makes so very glorious
these cooler autumn days!

Yes, take it all in, my friend!  Beholding the glory of His creation--it NEVER gets old!  It does, however, get 'overlooked' when we busy ourselves with way too much!  Simplify YOUR life so that YOU can enjoy His glorious creations!