Tuesday, September 27, 2022

YOUR touch!!

The human touch.  In this day and age, it is underrated and, too often, goes unappreciated!  Just walk into any large retailer lately and notice how many are resorting to and relying on 'self-checkout!'  I am preaching to myself, as my current employer hired me to man the many 'self-checkouts' that they have!  HOWEVER, they are PAYING me to ASSIST folks with such experience, so that is honorable on their part.  PLUS, they DO have registers that are 'manned' at all times, so I won't complain about them!

A 'Skype' call here...an email there...
a text or a phone call...
all these have come to substitute
what's needed most of all!
If we look back, our Lord and Savior,
He NEVER relied on such!
He gave what's lacking sorely now:
the physical 'human touch!'

We brag about how we can get 
so much done nowadays
with our computers and our phones--
but what about GOD'S ways?!
We can shop for all things with our 'gadgets,'
even order meals!
In doing so, our 'personality,'
more and more conceals!!
For we can even go to church now
from our soft recliner!
With such 'conveniences,' however,
life is none-the-finer!!

We NEED the touch of one another
all throughout the day!
Without such fellowship, our hearts
and minds will go astray!
And too costly be the reparations
of those precious tools!
The more 'convenient' we make life,
the more become we fools?
I need your TOUCH and you need mine--
for God ingrained that need!
And if we do not cater such,
those hearts and minds, they bleed!

Do not avoid me any longer,
no matter how great the 'hurry!'
Reach out to me, I'll reach for you,
and eliminate all 'worry!!'

There is something special, my friend, about that one-on-one, personal touch.  After all, God designed us to be social.  Let us NEVER forget that and let us PRACTICE it daily!  WE MUST BE RETRAINED!!

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