Monday, September 26, 2022

Worthy Costs

Each and all of us go through life, (every day, actually!) weighing the costs of things against our budget.  We do it all day long.  Some don't have to.  Others of us, well..., it becomes a challenge.  There are things, however, that we make exceptions for that pay off constantly!

Angels all about us unawares
because my God, my God, He truly cares!
He knows the dangers of 'this simple life;'
He sends Angels that we may have less strife!

On THIS day, they are everywhere about,
as I bid 'Goodbye!' to summer, moving out!
That season had its run, AND IT WAS HOT!
Now autumn comes with all the shades she's brought!
Already, in the tops of highest trees,
the colors change and dance in cooler breeze!
Soon, their tapestry will coat the ground,
and 'shades of green' will be scarce to be found!
But it's 'the Order' God set long ago,
lest, boredom, we should ever come to know!
And the squirrels--they scurry, gathering supplies
from the feeders that they patronize!
I filled them just a day or two ago.
But, looking, they're already running low!
I don't know if I've spoiled them with the seed,
or they have spoiled this man to meet their need!
Either way, they entertain me much--
another gift from God the Father's touch!
And the birds--they're singing out for more!
(They even know WHERE such treasure I store!)
They watch as I go out with such intent,
and appear from EVERYWHERE!  It's like a 'scent!'

But precious gifts are each of them to me.
And I will continue feeding them for free!
As God, He makes our budget cover such.
So wonderful is HIS providing touch!

Yes, God sees to it that His angels surround our every move.  AND, He makes provision, (as only HE can,) for the little pleasures in life that bring us such joy!

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