Saturday, September 3, 2022


Each and every one of us busy ourselves with 'business' in one way or another.  YOU have a job to do...I have a job to do...we ALL have tasks in our day that we need to take care of.  But are we 'doing' them to the best of our ability?

We are all each 'busy' in
the field that we each choose.
IF we do our job correctly,
it gets rave reviews!
But there are many, many out there
just 'putting in their time...'
and giving them a check for such
almost seems like a crime!

God told us in His Word to do
our tasks with all our heart!
In reality, we work for HIM
right from the very start!
WE are to do our best, whatever
be the task at hand,
and HE will see to our recompense
wherever in this land!

So don't be just 'busy,' be 'effective'
in your walk each day!
And let Him take the lead as you
but follow on His way!
For HE can do more with your efforts
than you'll EVER do alone!
Humble yourself.  Give Him the reins,
and, surely, you will have grown!

Yes, a very busy world we are in.  But just how many of those who are 'busy' are truly making PROGRESS!  I assure you, the ones make true progress are the ones who have learned to allow God to lead and guide their every step!

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