Monday, September 19, 2022

Where are they??

There is so much going on in life today!  In order to keep up, I have noticed that there are some who 'skip' the very basics of being a person to try and accomplish everything!  In doing so, they are ripping themselves off and denying others of the 'blessing' of learning 'who they are!'

Business is so busy lately,
taking much more time!
Time we used to give each other--
therein lies the crime!
"I don't have time to listen right now,
I have to make this sale..."
"I'll call you back this weekend, friend.
You know about 'retail!'"

RUBBISH!  If it were not for 'time'
in each other to invest,
we would have business not at all!
And NO ONE would be blessed!
Some of those folks that need your time
are hurting for a reason,
and God's prepared YOU solely for
their life in this 'season!'
Not everyone needs constant care,
they just may need an ear,
just some who will recognize
that they are even here!!!

Business is busy, yes,
but PEOPLE are much more!
We would have NO business or no 'friends'
if we CHOOSE to ignore!
For there is much more to 'industry'
than a mere '$' sign!
And pain, it comes in many forms,
BUT GOD has ONE design: 
for He designed each one of us
to be present when such arises!
It might be 'minor' unto YOU,
but it brings great surprises!!

So LISTEN to the folks in YOUR life
when they come around!
And NOTICE when those very folks
are nowhere to be found!
It SHOULD concern you when a friend
has been gone for awhile!
Check on those you love and care about-
for SUCH makes God to smile!

Yes, such makes God to smile!  Whether it be a customer that you cannot recall the name of...a relative that you hardly ever hear from...or even someone in your 'inner circle' that you haven't heard from in a few days.  KEEP IN TOUCH!  For WE are all WE have in THIS life, and they grow more and more valuable with each passing moment!  Let them know THAT, too!

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