Wednesday, September 21, 2022

The Times We're In!

In this day and age, it seems folks will do ANYTHING it takes to succeed or 'get ahead!'  Unfortunately, that includes lying, cheating or stealing!  (Besides, such is 'ok' if no one's watching!)  RIGHT!!

Once again, 'integrity'
is being kicked aside.
In the name of 'progress,' simple
morals are defied!
You tell me that you'll do one thing
and then do quite another,
expecting me to shake your hand,
laugh and call you 'brother!!!'

If you won't do what you say you'll do,
then say it not at all!
If you just say what I WANT to hear,
then great will be your fall!
The Lord keeps track of every word,
each deed and each intent.
We'll answer for each one of them
when earthly days are spent!

Integrity--it is essential
for a godly life!
Ignoring such brings repercussion,
namely, pain and strife!
It may be no concern for YOU
but others are affected.
Your actions and emotions are,
eventually, infected!
Then EVERYONE will question your
each action and intent!
The only way out then is to
confess and to repent!
However, even after you
have spurned your wicked ways,
folks may STILL have doubts about
your attitudes and ways!

The best way to avoid this is
to stay the 'straight and narrow.'
God--He will preserve your path,
and not a thing will harrow!
Better be your life as you
let 'honor' be your guide!
And HIS uprightness, in your life
will be known far and wide!

Wouldn't it be a much better world if EVERYONE would heed these truths?  But these ARE 'the latter days,' and God told us explicitly in His Word that the world would become this way!  However, WE are not OF this world!  Therefore, we SHOULD be living such already!  Search YOUR heart and make sure that YOUR integrity is intact in ALL your relationships and dealings!

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