Saturday, September 17, 2022

THE 'Constant!'

Life.  It is CONSTANTLY changing...for better or for worse!  Yes, this world and this day and age are so unpredictable!  However, as a Christian, we have an anchor that is immovable!  His Name is JESUS!

My Jesus--He's the greatest 'constant'

in this day and age!
His compassion, mercy and love
so help avoid the rage!
Another constant: reality-
it differs for one and all;
but the same emotions find us each
as reality comes to call!

BUT GOD, He is here in those emotions,
lest we should lose our grip!
And, from His great and mighty grasp,
not ever shall we slip!
For He's made provision for each thing
He knew we would go through:
we do our best, we let it go,
and, all the rest, HE'LL DO!
We do NOT return to that which was
and try doing it once more-
for doing such might be catastrophic,
like opening a sore!
that HE leads you upon,
and, in HIS time, the victory,
upon you, it will dawn!

Our steps were ordered long ago,
and NONE call for 'reverse!'
Nor would he have us, 'devastation,'
in our minds rehearse!
But 'victory' has He for each
and all of His redeemed!
So press on, my friend, through ANY drama,
and know you're His esteemed!

Yes, there is 'drama' going on all around us.  Some folks even 'cause' it and 'live for it!'  But when we belong to God, we are called to bring joy and a song wherever we go!  So let that melody within exude from you in all that you do and wherever you go!

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