Sunday, September 11, 2022

September 11, 2022

September 11, 2022.  A date that is familiar and all too painful for many of us to ponder.  BUT GOD, He knows exactly how we are feeling, and He PROMISES to avenge on THAT day ahead.  We must but continue to press on as a nation, continuing to love and console all those heroes who were there...still alive or not!

A nation grieves...a nation grows
more strong in its resolve.
One nation's onus cannot be,
the world's woes, to solve!
But we WILL NOT stand just idly by
while madness runs amok!
We will RUN into the danger zone
possessing God, not trusting 'luck!!'

Too many evil men have tried
to conquer with deception!
The complacency of idle hearts,
it has been their reception!
BUT GOD, He knows the workings and
desires of ALL MENS' hearts!
And, eventually, the fall of evil,
surely He imparts!!

The resiliency of humanity
is ever to amaze!
Knock us down!  Attack us!
Our pain will be replaced with strength,
as long as men believe in God
and look for Him to come!!

Already, in HIS scope of sight,
ALL battles have been won
And we reign in High Paradise
with Jesus Christ, His Son!
'O come ye quickly, even now!'
so be the cries out loud,
that no more death or desolation
ever be allowed!!
In JESUS' Name,

Each of us that were around then can probably still recall exactly where we were and what we were doing when we got the news.  Some of us had the unfortunate pain and shock of watching it unfold on live TV!  But we are still here, we are still free, and we will never, ever forget!

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