Tuesday, September 6, 2022

Recounting the Day

At the end of the day, sitting with God Most High, listening to what He has to say as He asks me about my day.  It is a wonderful relationship that I treasure dearly.  I have learned over the years to seek His input before I pen any of these messages, and He has NEVER disappointed me!

Squirrels sit outside my window as
I capture words from Him.
They know that, just a while ago,
I put out food for them.
They entertain with antics that
none other imitate,  
making me to smile as I
would seek words that relate!

Such wonderful 'distractions' as
I pen The Lord's request.
Though I may be behind a screen,
outside, He makes the best!
He shows me hints of autumn in
the trees that line the hills...
whetting, so, the appetite
for what the 'Fall' instills!
Already are some turning and
the weather's getting nice!
And when He gives me words to write
He does not give them twice!
So, it's best that I now focus on
what He has got to say!
I know I'll need it somewhere in
the world this busy day!

"Here am I again, oh Lord,
humbled for Your use.
Guide my hand to say those things,
I am without excuse!
BUT LORD, I know you'll give me words
that make those precious verses,
that edify You unto men-
a word no one rehearses!"

Avail yourself to God.  He will use you in the capacities that you excel in and cause it all to bring Him glory!  FOR HE IS WORTHY! 

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