Friday, September 16, 2022


The following words are quite painful and written out of pain.  Please check your heart and spirit and make sure they DO NOT pertain to YOU!

Where were you when I could not understand?
I needed you.  I could not find a helping hand.
I was in such pain...and only 'nurses' were there...
Where went those years of learning "Christian 'care?'"

My phone, it rings if you want something written,
but, at all other times, it seems like I'm smitten!
I KNOW, a chance to reach out, He would NEVER miss!!

Why does it take a 'tragedy' to 'care?'
Why don't we contact each other unaware?
We used to visit each other on a whim!
These days, the chance to just HEAR each other is slim!
I can write a poem from God and send it world-wide
and hear from folks who used to be by our side!
But getting a call or a visit is 'forbidden?!?!'
To declare that we truly 'care...' who are we kiddin'?!

YES!  You are listening to a man of words vent!
I guess, the past few months, this TRUTH I've had so pent!
BUT, if we are supposed to be like Jesus Christ,
then our own comforts must be sacrificed
and we MUST see to the welfare of others!
After all, in HIM, are we not 'sisters and brothers!'
And, right now, in the pain that I'm going through,
I could certainly use the love and the prayers YOU!
But, greater, I could use proof you actually CARE!
To go through all of this alone is really not fair!

If these words affect the heart of YOU, then MAYBE you are part of the problem!  Maybe?  Check your spirit, my friends and brothers, and make sure that YOU are at least letting those you are acquainted with know that YOU have not forgotten them!   I KNOW THAT GOD HASN'T!  And HE never will!!

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