Monday, September 5, 2022

One More Victory!

One more day ALMOST fully accomplished...and victoriously!  GOD IS SO GOOD!  He saw our needs before we even knew about them and took care of them.  And He even made provision for some of our desires!  We are so blessed!

"Before the sun even arose
You contained the day!
You knew the trials and triumphs we
would face along the way!
And You set our steps accordingly,
our each and every one,
and here we are now, celebrating
all that You have done!
For every trial that arose
You countered with a way
for us to make it through the same
prospering for aye!

How glorious it is to live
inside your very favor!
Gifts and fruits and great successes,
constantly, we savor!
The 'world' has its ways and means,
but we're not 'of the world,'
since we pled the Blood of Christ
and saw your arms unfurled!
Yea, walking in Your ways, oh Lord,
a 'challenge' be to some,
but as we CHOOSE the path YOU set
the blessings ever come!"

Seek that glorious path He has for YOUR life!  It is already there, you must only declare Him as your Savior and it will begin!  Not every day will be calm and perfect, but You will have Someone Who will NEVER leave your side, and He will defend you and bless you until The Trumpet Blast!

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