Sunday, September 18, 2022

One Another--A GREAT Necessity!

This morning, our Pastor was emphasizing the fact that each of us need one another.  He was using Jesus' illustration of the ten women who went out with lamps.  I took the liberty of writing down what Holy Spirit showed me through it...

Walk beside me.  Never leave me.
Always shine your light!
Mine may grow dim, yours may go out
but SOMEONE will be bright!
I need you and your company
each step along the way.
Together, we'll complete the trek,
arriving--come what may!

You may need the 'strength' I have...
I may need your 'sight.'
We put the two together--
the results are sheer delight!
God knew that I would need you,
He knew you needed me.
In His great wisdom He 
connected us for victory!
We do not agree on everything,
however, we're related...
we may have animosities,
however, we're not 'hated!'
For God sees that you 'stabilize' me,
I should do the same.
In doing so, the both of us
bring glory to His Name!

Yes, walk beside me!  For I need you
in this day and age!
Already is abundant grief,
hate, jealousy and rage!
But you and I can change that if
we just support each other!
In doing so, the world will see,
IN CHRIST, we each be 'brother!!'

It is a very large and different world out there!  There is NO WAY one can go about it 'alone!'  Stop trying to!  In doing so, you are robbing yourself of life and stealing a blessing from someone else!  Love one another.  In doing so, you are fulfilling the entire Word of God!

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