Sunday, September 4, 2022

Oh, That Day Ahead!

Pressing on.  Accomplishing that which we are called to do.  We do so knowing that time is short, and THAT thought often causes us to look to that day ahead...

Once again, the heart is drawn
to that Familiar Place.
It is somewhere we've never been,
yet we know it due His grace!
We know it through the map He's drawn
throughout His Living Word,
and we'll come to TRULY know it when
The Trumpet Blast's occurred!

Yes, Heaven is on my heart once more
as I go through the day!
No longer will His Own endure
THIS world and its every way!
Far greater will we come to know
There where is Perfection!
For absent will be wickedness
and every vile infection!!

HALLELUJAH!  What a promise
He has for all His Own!
All who have, through His great Grace,
have prospered and have grown!
But none of THAT compares to what
our Jesus has in store!

However, there is so much work yet to be done!  In the eyes of God, it is already accomplished, as His sight is far greater than our own!  But this is here and now, and we MUST press forward, following His lead, spreading The Word, until That Trumpet Blast!

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