Sunday, September 25, 2022

Never be 'Satisfied!'

Satisfaction.  Comfort.  Good enough.  Those be terms that are archenemies of 'Progress!'  And 'progress' is something that God wants us to do each and every moment of the day.  Remember, if you are not 'going forward,' you are either stagnate or losing precious ground!

That which God gave me yesterday-
so beautiful and true-
are not the BEST He's given me,
because today is new!
I CANNOT set my pen down thinking
'Now, I have arrived!'
I must keep hearing, listening
to Him if I should thrive!

On that same note, not any one
of us can do the same!
For God, He is not done with us
until He calls our name!
Keep doing what He's called you to
until The Trumpet Blast,
THEN one will know that they've done all,
and REST will be at last!

Too many people with such talents,
very, very young,
have made their millions and 'stepped out,'
their tools and talents 'hung.'
All the while, a world cries out
Nonetheless, they don't look back,
obeying their own wills!

And YOU, do you feel unneeded?
Do you feel 'in the way?'
THAT'S THE ENEMY!  Because he knows
that YOU can 'pave the way!'
So, keep doing what you're doing, friend!
Give it everything you've got!
You may not know it but, to so many,
you STILL mean quite a lot!

Never, EVER think that you are 'not needed,' 'all used up,' or 'unnecessary!'  You are just as valuable to this world today as you were in your 'heyday!'  You contain knowledge and experience that only time can bring, and if there is ONE thing this world needs right now, it's 'experience!'
Thank YOU for all you know and share with us!

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