Friday, September 30, 2022



This is a Truth we know to be settled fact!  Of course, SOME will argue with this fact, but let it not hinder the work that God has called you to do!  And, trust me, there is STILL much work to be doing!

There is so much that must be done
before the Trumpet Sound!
Before our Savior splits the skies
there is so much to be found!
There are, of course, so very many
souls that must be won!
But we must only INTRODUCE them,
The Spirit gets it done!

Keep going, friend!  Don't ever stop
in doing what is 'good!'
Praying each and every day,
as EVERY Christian should!
And, pressing onward, HE will see
you have opportunities
to bless and be blessed in HIS Name,
yes, He'll take care of these!

Just DO NOT STOP!  Keep pressing on,
following His lead!
He will be glorified as long
as WE do not impede!
But press on, ever-forward,
always singing all the way!!
HE KNOWS how many you'll affect
before that final day!

Yes, Jesus IS coming!  But we are to press on, doing all He tells us to, and NEVER slack or look back!  For great is our reward in That Place, but HE will decide when IT IS FINISHED!

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