Friday, September 9, 2022

It's Happening Again!

Afternoon delight!  So it is as I walk the grounds and behold the hints of autumn as they begin to appear everywhere I look!  Even in the essence of the air, you can tell that 'Change is a-happenin'!'

Autumn...and so glorious,
so beautiful and clear!
The temperature, it is just right
to recline and relax out here,
here beneath the massive trees 
as colors begin to change!
An order that Creator God,
before all time, did arrange!

A whisper is upon the land
that carries essence rare
from blooms and blossoms on the fence-
perfumes so very rare!
The squirrels and the birds have fun
amidst the many limbs
that cause the writer to arise,
inspiring new hymns!

"Thank You so much, Creator God,
for all that I can see!
The glory of Your Majesty
abounds in front of me!
I see and hear and touch and smell
the proof You are so real!
Proof so very evident
that NO ONE may conceal!!"

Wherever YOU may be, set aside time to take note of what God is doing in and all about you!  I promise you, He is at work, doing that which none other can accomplish!  And WE are the blessed recipients of His handiwork!

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