Thursday, September 22, 2022


Walking the halls of a place I do not want to be!  It IS, however, a place that I am very grateful for!  For in this place are people who can diagnose and treat that which happens to us or afflicts us.  May we make a conscious effort to let them know how much they mean to us!

In a place where so much pain
and hurt are taking place.
Watching close as angels try
to calm and distribute grace.
It is so large a hospital
and yet, they care for all--
rich or poor, any race,
even large and small!
And if you watch so closely, you
can see 'uncommon care:'
professionals stooping low
in cases unaware--
reaching, teaching, caring in
a way the Lord would do!
Not for 'show,' not for 'pay,'
just concern for me and you!

Not every place this day and age
would go 'that extra mile!'
When such be seen or heard it makes
the heart of me to smile!
AND GOD, He smiles as well upon
the ones who give such care!
For He knows, with the days that are,
it is a thing so rare!
And GREAT be the reward to them
with empathy so real!
He is even apt to listen when,
unto Him, they appeal!
A special Place, it waits for such
beyond this fleeting life
for them that go 'the extra mile,'
eliminating strife!

Yes, there is a very special Place that waits for them who remain calm and patient while resolving and solving the problems that arise from LIVING!  Trust me, the list of such is endless, but the rewards for such are OUT OF THIS WORLD!


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