Friday, September 2, 2022

Grand and Glorious Day!

It is a brand new day.  Yesterday is gone.  Tomorrow isn't even guaranteed.  The best that we can do is make the most of the day that God has gifted us with!

It is a grand and glorious day
that NOTHING can affect!
So do not go about your life
each 'thing' to so inspect!
Just take it as the gift it is:
the "Present" it is called!
And all you need to make it 'great'
Jesus has installed!

Enjoy but every moment, friend,
each step along the way.
Some things might be 'unpleasant,' and
tempt you to run away!
BUT GOD, for God, He sees every step
as part of YOUR grand plan,
thus, we have no fear of that which comes
by way of life or man!

A grand and glorious day, indeed,
Our every step and each event,
already were they known!
And God, so very sovereign, and
so very, very kind,
sent Jesus Christ for one and all
to give us peace of mind
and make, so very tolerable,
each grand and glorious day-
trusting in His Only Son,
but all along the way!

What?!  Your day is NOT so grand and glorious?  Then just find a quiet place to gather your thoughts, affirm that you are His Own, and hand the day over to Him.  Trust me, THAT'S what He's there for!


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