Tuesday, September 27, 2022

GOD'S Success!

Yes, GOD'S success.  It may be a far cry from the 'success' that you are giving your all for!  Ask Him about it.  He is more than willing to discuss it with you!

My God, He's so concerned about
our needs and our desires!
He goes before us, unawares,
putting out the fires!
He even goes before our loved ones,
their concerns in mind,
arranging things...aligning things
that we have peace-of-mind!

He already sees three weeks from now
when all those bills come due.
He already sees how they'll be paid-
His supply is ALWAYS new!
He even sees this afternoon
when I am at the site,
and that employee comes to me
with countenance not right.
He knows that he will need some prayer,
some cash and just an ear,
and He makes sure that I am prepared
with what will bring him cheer!

Yes, my God--His care, it is so great
for us and for our friends!
His love, concern and His provision,
it never, ever ends!
And we who are His Own, for we
should do the very same!
All to bring more glory to
His Great and Mighty Name!!

Yes, HE KNOWS US!  He knows what happened, what is happening AND what will be!  That is CARE!  Care like none other can give!  Give your heart to Him and He will guard and guide your every step to HIS success!  You know, of course, that HIS success may look far different than 'success' that this world preaches and pushes!


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