Thursday, September 1, 2022


So it seems when 'little' things that we depend upon every day, (every hour!) do not seem to be working right!!  Like the internet!  Some of us went without it for most of the day!  I know that, with MY job, it is nearly impossible to get customers through the checkstand without the internet!  

Someone hits a cable when 
they're digging somewhere deep...
It is an 'accident,' of course,
but, oh, the woes that heap!
It means SOME businesses cannot sell
and puts them on the brink!
(Unless the customer has cash,
then the checker has to THINK!)
For even WITH the web, I know
some who cannot make change
for the bill they handed me--
to them, it is so strange!
They have no clue what 'simplicity'
existed as WE grew!
They must have 'something' tell them what
they should've already knew!

For only now, at this late hour,
am I able to send
this message all around the world!
We depended on each other and
the tools that we were taught
when it came to 'conversation,'
or what was 'sold' or 'bought!'

We MUST return back to the time
we contacted each other,
and put our trust and faith in GOD,
and, surely, not another!
Have we become too lazy in
the name 'Usefulness?'
How 'convenient' has YOUR life become?
Can YOU still reach and bless?

'Convenience.'  Sometimes, it is the enemy of interaction!  Especially when it comes to dealing with each other!  'Oh, I'll just order it online and have it delivered to you.'  They do so so that THEY do not have to make time in their busy schedules to GO PURCHASE something and bring it to you!

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