Monday, September 19, 2022

Creations so Diverse!

Looking across the land this day.  All the trees reach out into the glowing sun to receive their daily sustenance!  Too, they provide homes and playgrounds for God's most fragile creations!  And they are so much fun to watch!

All the trees outstretch their arms
in the sunshine bright!
They reach out to the heavens, whence
comes their life and delight!
They offer shade to us as they
transform to autumn's glow,
and they provide a playground for
the birds that come and go!
And GOD makes sure to make the squirrels
to be so well equipped
to run and play on branch and bough
while they are tightly gripped!

And so am I so entertained
as I behold it all!
So simple and amazing as
His Holy Name I call!
Yes, before the hustle and the bustle
of the day ahead,
He makes sure I am grounded and,
by His Own Word, well-fed!

The simple things in life before
complexities arise.
God shows them to me always here
beneath the glorious skies!
So always unpredictable,
so welcome is the same,
as I soak in His Living Word
and glorify His Name!

GOD IS SO GOOD TO US!  He not only meets our every need each day, but He also provides shelter for ALL forms of life!  It is up to us to take the time to behold and savor such!


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