Saturday, September 10, 2022

CHOOSING to hurt!

The world we live in.  Most of it is quite beautiful.  However, when it comes to relationships, it can become a downright ugly and painful world!  Why is that?  Is it pride?  Is it jealousy?  Or is it that "...we just don't want to be involved?"  Those are all EXCUSES, not REASONS!  Whatever it is, it is VERY painful and can destroy one IF we let it!

Why is it that some CHOOSE to hurt
the ones they SHOULD love most?
And why, when we confront them, they
just deepen in their boast?
Have they no thought of the pain it brings?
Do they fear not GOD'S own heart?!
For He's aware of EVERY word
and the pain such does impart!!

Though it hurts not any less, He told us
that 'these days' would come.
Families would fall away
and PAIN would be the sum!
The greatest love would withstand such,
but if THAT love is not,
a painful, dying generation
is what we have got!

What's that?  YOUR family's not like that?
Well, great for you, my friend!
Hang on to such and cultivate it
to the very end!
What you have, it is so endangered
in the days that are!
Love each other!  Check on each other!
And you, you will go far!!
And pray for them that have not such--
it is a crippling pain!
When siblings and parents fall away,
then NOBODY will gain!
Being who and where I am,
I see such every day;
and picking up the pieces is
a painful task for aye!

Friends...families...loved ones...guard them, appreciate them, protect them and keep in touch with them!!  For the enemy is working overtime to destroy ALL relationships in these last days!  DON'T LET HIM!!  The love of God is able to overcome and diffuse ALL disputes...IF WE ALLOW HIM TO!!  For most, it only takes setting our pride aside and letting Holy Spirit go about doing what He does best: HIS perfect work!


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