Thursday, September 15, 2022


We got the call earlier today from her husband Rice.  "Becky is in E.R. right now and they are moving her to Hospice, telling us she only has a few days left." 
Right now, at this hour, still numb from the phone call, I am moved to attempt to write what God is telling me.  I must do it on this screen, as my hand is shaking, and I am afraid I will soak the paper I write on!

"My sister, how you radiate
so deep within us all,
all who had the privilege
of "friend" for you to call!
Your gentle spirit, caring heart,
and ever-listening ear,
and you had the uncanny knack of knowing
our pain before you would hear!
And the JOY that your life brought to all
that knew, knew you at all!
Somehow, you knew just the right time
someone needed a call!
And that call felt like the Lord, Himself,
was listening to us!
You never said 'There, there now,
I have heard enough!'
Even though the path you had
was far, was far more rough!!
You always listened and you heard
whatever we had to say,
regardless of your own pain, you
brought us joy anyway!
Who have we now to turn, now that
you dance around the throne?
Nothing at all to hinder you,
for now, pain is unknown!!
For this, my sister, we rejoice,
and know we'll meet once more
when Gabriel sounds his trumpet and
the heavens greatly roar!!

Oh Becky, enjoy it!  Take it in!
For you're worthy of it all!
Press on, will we, until we each
receive that Trumpet call.
Then we will be together to
rejoice, rejoice with you
in that Place that is Perfection,
with bodies that are new!"

"Yes, dear sister. we will miss you.  But upon reflection of you, there will ALWAYS be smiles and laughter, because that is what you instilled inside all of those who are fortunate enough to know you!"

In HIS Service,
Jim & Debby

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