Thursday, September 15, 2022

Becky Handley

Our dear sister Becky is now with Jesus. I wrote these words a few days ago, with The Lord guiding my hand, as He made us realize that He was taking her home. WHAT GLORIOUS ASSURANCE, even though it's painful!
"Standing at the threshold
of all eternity
Watching as my God prepares
To come and escort me
So very much is happening
That I cannot explain
As I have spent so long involved
in this disease and pain!
But the same-They've taken not my joy
My faith or my belief!!
For Jesus Christ is with me constantly
to make sure they are chief!
He's held me when I've hurt the most
we've laughed on better days
He's walked beside me through each test
there is nothing like His ways
He's cried with me when I've cried
He's helped to wipe the tears
now He prepares to take me too
where there are no more years!!
He has a mansion waiting there
designed for only me
that place He's made has got a name
it's called "Eternity"
until then He's had angels come
And do all things for me
These angels look just like my friends
And wonderful they be
And I know great will be their reward!!
My father told me so!
The hardest task I have til then
is merely letting go!
So thank you, all you angels and
to my Lord, once crucified!
You took me in with open arms,
And it's been quite a ride!!!"
"Thank You, Lord, for the years of memories that we cling to of sister Becky! Thank You for bringing us together all those years ago. Thank You for the years of sharing life ups-and-downs with each other. Thank You that she is no longer in pain. And thank You so much for the assurance that we will see each other again for all eternity!
In JESUS' Name,
Jim Busby 09-12-2022

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