Saturday, September 24, 2022

Beautiful Elements

When Debby picked me up from work this evening, she said to me "The leaves are beginning to fall around the property!"  I knew better than to ask if she picked them up. (HA! HA!)  Because she spent most of the day preparing a potato/cheddar soup with brats in it!  Yes, it WAS delicious!
I walked out and looked across the property and, yes, leaves are cascading ever-so-gently wherever they will!
However, something else caught my eye!  Even though the temp is perfect and blue skies are overhead, to the north the sun is setting thunderheads aglow!  Upon closer look, you can see lightning flashing INSIDE of those clouds!!  What a glorious sight!!

A storm is brewing in the north,
(I think it will stay up there.)
However, the show it's putting on
is so beautiful and rare!
So very few, the places are
that need the rain right now,
I will NOT complain, however,
as we've gone through some drought!
I WILL, however, enjoy the show
nature to generate!
It's bittersweet, sometimes, as 'my show'
is someone else's fate!
For thunderstorms like that which is
before my very eyes,
can do much damage to many others
and catch them by surprise!!

'Oh Lord, protect the precious folks
that live in that storm's path.
May it bring only needed rain,
and NOT tornadic wrath!'
That which is 'beautiful' to me,
is dreaded so, by some!
See to it, please, that only 'good'
will be its total sum!'

Yes, I love watching thunderstorms develop and take place.  There is power, glory and spectacle therein that is availed nowhere else!  There is also GREAT danger in some of them!!  WE have discovered first-hand many times the destruction some can bring!
May you and yours be protected from storms such as those and may God Himself protect you should you find yourself in one!  HE IS ABLE!

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