Friday, September 23, 2022

"Aah..It's Just A 'Job!'"

With THAT mindset, you will accomplish very little!  However, if you look at the labor that God has blessed you with as a 'gift,' it is AMAZING what you can get done, and the 'rewards' far outweigh a mere 'paycheck!'

Some people 'work' for hours and
seem to get NOTHING done!
Still others do the same amount
and, for them, it seems so fun!
They clock out every day with a 
sense of 'accomplishment,'
While others leave the same place feeling
wasted hours spent!

What is the difference between the two?
It lies inside the heart!
If you arise for work with dread
then such will be your part!
But if you rise with gratitude
for what your hands must do,
God smiles on that and makes your works
rewarding unto you!
And You bring glory unto God
when you put in your best!
Do what you can with all you can
and He'll see that you're blessed!
It is a timeless principle
set forth back in His Word!
Think of HIM as your supervisor
and blessings are occurred!

Whatever you set your hands to do,
do so with all your might!
It may be unpleasant at the time,
but, later, you'll delight!
And great is your reward if you
see 'labor' in this way!
It may not be 'immediate,'
but it WILL come your way!

AND we are better when we work together.  Such is a Written Truth, as well.  As best as you can, put effort into getting along with those you work with.  Yes, sometimes, it DOES take effort!  But trust me, the rewards are eternal!

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