Wednesday, September 28, 2022

A Very Welcome Light Moment!

After several busy days at the store, I get a day off to continue with the 'honey-do' list!  We got several things knocked off, thanks to Vicki's determination.  However, during such, the dogs seemed 'excited' and quite noisy!  I looked out the door and down the street.  Nothing.  Debby and Vicki came out.  Suddenly, from the grass next door, well...I'll let you read it:

A 'boring' Wednesday afternoon
in weather so pristine!
Relaxing.  Watching disappear
the many shades of 'green.'
When, suddenly, out of the forest,
two groundhogs on the run!
Rollicking and rolling,
celebrating, having fun!!

Distraction o so welcome from
what some would call 'routine!
They are clueless as they play about
causing such a scene!
They have us laughing as they wrestle
and run 'round and 'round!
Such a simple blessing is
so welcome to be found!
Making 'Wednesday' not so boring
are His blessed creations,
and readily available
to ALL with realizations!

"Thank You for such simplicity,
O Father Lord my God!
With gratitude and gladness, we,
your creatures, so applaud!
Entertainment inexpensive,
(unexpected, too,)
merely by looking down the street
to enjoy the view!"

God is so incredible!  He knows exactly what we need and when!  And HIS sense of humor is without comparison!  Expect Him to do the 'unexpected' in your life today and, often, be ready to laugh!


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