Saturday, September 10, 2022

A Basic, Human Need

Friendship, fellowship and personal touch.  It is a necessity in this day and age.  There are, however, folks out there I've met that want nothing to do with anyone else!!  That must be a painful place to be!

Physical touch--it is so real,
so comforting, as well!
For God has so engrained in us-
the same for to compel!
It's so healing and so valuable
to many and to most;
some, however, feel discomfort
with others getting 'close!'
But MOST desire that personal touch,
professionally or other.
Be it casual or intimate,
there be not any other!
None other to feel that emotion
MOST of us possess!
In a world so fast and furious
it's a simple way to bless!

Are YOU 'hands on' regarding such,
or do you withdraw?
God put us here for one another
so such won't be a 'flaw!'
Thus, open up!  Enjoy the gift
of one another's touch,
and realize that God has each
of us in His Own 'clutch!'

Being in the public and working with them daily, I meet so many folks who just want to be left alone and go about their business.  We even have neighbors who are the same way.  What kind of 'life' is that?!'  We are on this planet for one another, and I have met some folks who cannot find anyone to fellowship with or relate to, and THAT is a horrible place to be!

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