Friday, September 30, 2022



This is a Truth we know to be settled fact!  Of course, SOME will argue with this fact, but let it not hinder the work that God has called you to do!  And, trust me, there is STILL much work to be doing!

There is so much that must be done
before the Trumpet Sound!
Before our Savior splits the skies
there is so much to be found!
There are, of course, so very many
souls that must be won!
But we must only INTRODUCE them,
The Spirit gets it done!

Keep going, friend!  Don't ever stop
in doing what is 'good!'
Praying each and every day,
as EVERY Christian should!
And, pressing onward, HE will see
you have opportunities
to bless and be blessed in HIS Name,
yes, He'll take care of these!

Just DO NOT STOP!  Keep pressing on,
following His lead!
He will be glorified as long
as WE do not impede!
But press on, ever-forward,
always singing all the way!!
HE KNOWS how many you'll affect
before that final day!

Yes, Jesus IS coming!  But we are to press on, doing all He tells us to, and NEVER slack or look back!  For great is our reward in That Place, but HE will decide when IT IS FINISHED!

Thursday, September 29, 2022

Convoy of Hope

Another 'disaster' hits this country.  Four lanes of bumper-to-bumper traffic trying to get as far as they can from it as fast as they can!  There is another group of folks, however, with Semis, motorhomes, trailers, food and clothing trying to get there as fast as they can!  WHAT'S WRONG WITH THEM?!

They go where hope has disappeared,  
(as well as homes and livelihood!)
A chosen group of saints they are,
from all walks, bringing 'good!'
They are the men and women of
a Convoy known as 'Hope!'
For they bring food and medicines,
and Christ to help folks cope!
They set up wherever it be safe,
and then set out from there.
Taking this priceless ministry
to people anywhere!
And helping all who come to them
with whatever they can do!
Everything from giving hugs
to rebuilding homes anew!
And PRAYING TO GOD for one and all
that come into their path.
Especially the ones that have
experienced nature's wrath!

At a moment's notice, they
can pick up from their base,
and be wherever disaster strikes!
It's almost like a race!
And NOTHING is too difficult
as GOD is in their hearts!
His love, compassion and His skill,
their every hand, imparts!

We pray each day for this skilled team
who set their lives aside
and rush to where they're needed most-
His bidding to abide!
We pray for safety, blessing and
reward for one and all
who tune their ear unto the faintest
painful, pleading call!

Yes, God bless each member of The Convoy of Hope!  I know a few of them that belong to this elite, humble and compassionate group, and they are truly one-of-a-kind!!  GODSPEED, TEAM!!

Wednesday, September 28, 2022

A Very Welcome Light Moment!

After several busy days at the store, I get a day off to continue with the 'honey-do' list!  We got several things knocked off, thanks to Vicki's determination.  However, during such, the dogs seemed 'excited' and quite noisy!  I looked out the door and down the street.  Nothing.  Debby and Vicki came out.  Suddenly, from the grass next door, well...I'll let you read it:

A 'boring' Wednesday afternoon
in weather so pristine!
Relaxing.  Watching disappear
the many shades of 'green.'
When, suddenly, out of the forest,
two groundhogs on the run!
Rollicking and rolling,
celebrating, having fun!!

Distraction o so welcome from
what some would call 'routine!
They are clueless as they play about
causing such a scene!
They have us laughing as they wrestle
and run 'round and 'round!
Such a simple blessing is
so welcome to be found!
Making 'Wednesday' not so boring
are His blessed creations,
and readily available
to ALL with realizations!

"Thank You for such simplicity,
O Father Lord my God!
With gratitude and gladness, we,
your creatures, so applaud!
Entertainment inexpensive,
(unexpected, too,)
merely by looking down the street
to enjoy the view!"

God is so incredible!  He knows exactly what we need and when!  And HIS sense of humor is without comparison!  Expect Him to do the 'unexpected' in your life today and, often, be ready to laugh!


Tuesday, September 27, 2022

YOUR touch!!

The human touch.  In this day and age, it is underrated and, too often, goes unappreciated!  Just walk into any large retailer lately and notice how many are resorting to and relying on 'self-checkout!'  I am preaching to myself, as my current employer hired me to man the many 'self-checkouts' that they have!  HOWEVER, they are PAYING me to ASSIST folks with such experience, so that is honorable on their part.  PLUS, they DO have registers that are 'manned' at all times, so I won't complain about them!

A 'Skype' call email there...
a text or a phone call...
all these have come to substitute
what's needed most of all!
If we look back, our Lord and Savior,
He NEVER relied on such!
He gave what's lacking sorely now:
the physical 'human touch!'

We brag about how we can get 
so much done nowadays
with our computers and our phones--
but what about GOD'S ways?!
We can shop for all things with our 'gadgets,'
even order meals!
In doing so, our 'personality,'
more and more conceals!!
For we can even go to church now
from our soft recliner!
With such 'conveniences,' however,
life is none-the-finer!!

We NEED the touch of one another
all throughout the day!
Without such fellowship, our hearts
and minds will go astray!
And too costly be the reparations
of those precious tools!
The more 'convenient' we make life,
the more become we fools?
I need your TOUCH and you need mine--
for God ingrained that need!
And if we do not cater such,
those hearts and minds, they bleed!

Do not avoid me any longer,
no matter how great the 'hurry!'
Reach out to me, I'll reach for you,
and eliminate all 'worry!!'

There is something special, my friend, about that one-on-one, personal touch.  After all, God designed us to be social.  Let us NEVER forget that and let us PRACTICE it daily!  WE MUST BE RETRAINED!!

GOD'S Success!

Yes, GOD'S success.  It may be a far cry from the 'success' that you are giving your all for!  Ask Him about it.  He is more than willing to discuss it with you!

My God, He's so concerned about
our needs and our desires!
He goes before us, unawares,
putting out the fires!
He even goes before our loved ones,
their concerns in mind,
arranging things...aligning things
that we have peace-of-mind!

He already sees three weeks from now
when all those bills come due.
He already sees how they'll be paid-
His supply is ALWAYS new!
He even sees this afternoon
when I am at the site,
and that employee comes to me
with countenance not right.
He knows that he will need some prayer,
some cash and just an ear,
and He makes sure that I am prepared
with what will bring him cheer!

Yes, my God--His care, it is so great
for us and for our friends!
His love, concern and His provision,
it never, ever ends!
And we who are His Own, for we
should do the very same!
All to bring more glory to
His Great and Mighty Name!!

Yes, HE KNOWS US!  He knows what happened, what is happening AND what will be!  That is CARE!  Care like none other can give!  Give your heart to Him and He will guard and guide your every step to HIS success!  You know, of course, that HIS success may look far different than 'success' that this world preaches and pushes!


Monday, September 26, 2022

Worthy Costs

Each and all of us go through life, (every day, actually!) weighing the costs of things against our budget.  We do it all day long.  Some don't have to.  Others of us, well..., it becomes a challenge.  There are things, however, that we make exceptions for that pay off constantly!

Angels all about us unawares
because my God, my God, He truly cares!
He knows the dangers of 'this simple life;'
He sends Angels that we may have less strife!

On THIS day, they are everywhere about,
as I bid 'Goodbye!' to summer, moving out!
That season had its run, AND IT WAS HOT!
Now autumn comes with all the shades she's brought!
Already, in the tops of highest trees,
the colors change and dance in cooler breeze!
Soon, their tapestry will coat the ground,
and 'shades of green' will be scarce to be found!
But it's 'the Order' God set long ago,
lest, boredom, we should ever come to know!
And the squirrels--they scurry, gathering supplies
from the feeders that they patronize!
I filled them just a day or two ago.
But, looking, they're already running low!
I don't know if I've spoiled them with the seed,
or they have spoiled this man to meet their need!
Either way, they entertain me much--
another gift from God the Father's touch!
And the birds--they're singing out for more!
(They even know WHERE such treasure I store!)
They watch as I go out with such intent,
and appear from EVERYWHERE!  It's like a 'scent!'

But precious gifts are each of them to me.
And I will continue feeding them for free!
As God, He makes our budget cover such.
So wonderful is HIS providing touch!

Yes, God sees to it that His angels surround our every move.  AND, He makes provision, (as only HE can,) for the little pleasures in life that bring us such joy!

Sunday, September 25, 2022

Never be 'Satisfied!'

Satisfaction.  Comfort.  Good enough.  Those be terms that are archenemies of 'Progress!'  And 'progress' is something that God wants us to do each and every moment of the day.  Remember, if you are not 'going forward,' you are either stagnate or losing precious ground!

That which God gave me yesterday-
so beautiful and true-
are not the BEST He's given me,
because today is new!
I CANNOT set my pen down thinking
'Now, I have arrived!'
I must keep hearing, listening
to Him if I should thrive!

On that same note, not any one
of us can do the same!
For God, He is not done with us
until He calls our name!
Keep doing what He's called you to
until The Trumpet Blast,
THEN one will know that they've done all,
and REST will be at last!

Too many people with such talents,
very, very young,
have made their millions and 'stepped out,'
their tools and talents 'hung.'
All the while, a world cries out
Nonetheless, they don't look back,
obeying their own wills!

And YOU, do you feel unneeded?
Do you feel 'in the way?'
THAT'S THE ENEMY!  Because he knows
that YOU can 'pave the way!'
So, keep doing what you're doing, friend!
Give it everything you've got!
You may not know it but, to so many,
you STILL mean quite a lot!

Never, EVER think that you are 'not needed,' 'all used up,' or 'unnecessary!'  You are just as valuable to this world today as you were in your 'heyday!'  You contain knowledge and experience that only time can bring, and if there is ONE thing this world needs right now, it's 'experience!'
Thank YOU for all you know and share with us!

Saturday, September 24, 2022

Beautiful Elements

When Debby picked me up from work this evening, she said to me "The leaves are beginning to fall around the property!"  I knew better than to ask if she picked them up. (HA! HA!)  Because she spent most of the day preparing a potato/cheddar soup with brats in it!  Yes, it WAS delicious!
I walked out and looked across the property and, yes, leaves are cascading ever-so-gently wherever they will!
However, something else caught my eye!  Even though the temp is perfect and blue skies are overhead, to the north the sun is setting thunderheads aglow!  Upon closer look, you can see lightning flashing INSIDE of those clouds!!  What a glorious sight!!

A storm is brewing in the north,
(I think it will stay up there.)
However, the show it's putting on
is so beautiful and rare!
So very few, the places are
that need the rain right now,
I will NOT complain, however,
as we've gone through some drought!
I WILL, however, enjoy the show
nature to generate!
It's bittersweet, sometimes, as 'my show'
is someone else's fate!
For thunderstorms like that which is
before my very eyes,
can do much damage to many others
and catch them by surprise!!

'Oh Lord, protect the precious folks
that live in that storm's path.
May it bring only needed rain,
and NOT tornadic wrath!'
That which is 'beautiful' to me,
is dreaded so, by some!
See to it, please, that only 'good'
will be its total sum!'

Yes, I love watching thunderstorms develop and take place.  There is power, glory and spectacle therein that is availed nowhere else!  There is also GREAT danger in some of them!!  WE have discovered first-hand many times the destruction some can bring!
May you and yours be protected from storms such as those and may God Himself protect you should you find yourself in one!  HE IS ABLE!

Friday, September 23, 2022

"Aah..It's Just A 'Job!'"

With THAT mindset, you will accomplish very little!  However, if you look at the labor that God has blessed you with as a 'gift,' it is AMAZING what you can get done, and the 'rewards' far outweigh a mere 'paycheck!'

Some people 'work' for hours and
seem to get NOTHING done!
Still others do the same amount
and, for them, it seems so fun!
They clock out every day with a 
sense of 'accomplishment,'
While others leave the same place feeling
wasted hours spent!

What is the difference between the two?
It lies inside the heart!
If you arise for work with dread
then such will be your part!
But if you rise with gratitude
for what your hands must do,
God smiles on that and makes your works
rewarding unto you!
And You bring glory unto God
when you put in your best!
Do what you can with all you can
and He'll see that you're blessed!
It is a timeless principle
set forth back in His Word!
Think of HIM as your supervisor
and blessings are occurred!

Whatever you set your hands to do,
do so with all your might!
It may be unpleasant at the time,
but, later, you'll delight!
And great is your reward if you
see 'labor' in this way!
It may not be 'immediate,'
but it WILL come your way!

AND we are better when we work together.  Such is a Written Truth, as well.  As best as you can, put effort into getting along with those you work with.  Yes, sometimes, it DOES take effort!  But trust me, the rewards are eternal!

Thursday, September 22, 2022


Walking the halls of a place I do not want to be!  It IS, however, a place that I am very grateful for!  For in this place are people who can diagnose and treat that which happens to us or afflicts us.  May we make a conscious effort to let them know how much they mean to us!

In a place where so much pain
and hurt are taking place.
Watching close as angels try
to calm and distribute grace.
It is so large a hospital
and yet, they care for all--
rich or poor, any race,
even large and small!
And if you watch so closely, you
can see 'uncommon care:'
professionals stooping low
in cases unaware--
reaching, teaching, caring in
a way the Lord would do!
Not for 'show,' not for 'pay,'
just concern for me and you!

Not every place this day and age
would go 'that extra mile!'
When such be seen or heard it makes
the heart of me to smile!
AND GOD, He smiles as well upon
the ones who give such care!
For He knows, with the days that are,
it is a thing so rare!
And GREAT be the reward to them
with empathy so real!
He is even apt to listen when,
unto Him, they appeal!
A special Place, it waits for such
beyond this fleeting life
for them that go 'the extra mile,'
eliminating strife!

Yes, there is a very special Place that waits for them who remain calm and patient while resolving and solving the problems that arise from LIVING!  Trust me, the list of such is endless, but the rewards for such are OUT OF THIS WORLD!


Wednesday, September 21, 2022

The Times We're In!

In this day and age, it seems folks will do ANYTHING it takes to succeed or 'get ahead!'  Unfortunately, that includes lying, cheating or stealing!  (Besides, such is 'ok' if no one's watching!)  RIGHT!!

Once again, 'integrity'
is being kicked aside.
In the name of 'progress,' simple
morals are defied!
You tell me that you'll do one thing
and then do quite another,
expecting me to shake your hand,
laugh and call you 'brother!!!'

If you won't do what you say you'll do,
then say it not at all!
If you just say what I WANT to hear,
then great will be your fall!
The Lord keeps track of every word,
each deed and each intent.
We'll answer for each one of them
when earthly days are spent!

Integrity--it is essential
for a godly life!
Ignoring such brings repercussion,
namely, pain and strife!
It may be no concern for YOU
but others are affected.
Your actions and emotions are,
eventually, infected!
Then EVERYONE will question your
each action and intent!
The only way out then is to
confess and to repent!
However, even after you
have spurned your wicked ways,
folks may STILL have doubts about
your attitudes and ways!

The best way to avoid this is
to stay the 'straight and narrow.'
God--He will preserve your path,
and not a thing will harrow!
Better be your life as you
let 'honor' be your guide!
And HIS uprightness, in your life
will be known far and wide!

Wouldn't it be a much better world if EVERYONE would heed these truths?  But these ARE 'the latter days,' and God told us explicitly in His Word that the world would become this way!  However, WE are not OF this world!  Therefore, we SHOULD be living such already!  Search YOUR heart and make sure that YOUR integrity is intact in ALL your relationships and dealings!

Monday, September 19, 2022

Where are they??

There is so much going on in life today!  In order to keep up, I have noticed that there are some who 'skip' the very basics of being a person to try and accomplish everything!  In doing so, they are ripping themselves off and denying others of the 'blessing' of learning 'who they are!'

Business is so busy lately,
taking much more time!
Time we used to give each other--
therein lies the crime!
"I don't have time to listen right now,
I have to make this sale..."
"I'll call you back this weekend, friend.
You know about 'retail!'"

RUBBISH!  If it were not for 'time'
in each other to invest,
we would have business not at all!
And NO ONE would be blessed!
Some of those folks that need your time
are hurting for a reason,
and God's prepared YOU solely for
their life in this 'season!'
Not everyone needs constant care,
they just may need an ear,
just some who will recognize
that they are even here!!!

Business is busy, yes,
but PEOPLE are much more!
We would have NO business or no 'friends'
if we CHOOSE to ignore!
For there is much more to 'industry'
than a mere '$' sign!
And pain, it comes in many forms,
BUT GOD has ONE design: 
for He designed each one of us
to be present when such arises!
It might be 'minor' unto YOU,
but it brings great surprises!!

So LISTEN to the folks in YOUR life
when they come around!
And NOTICE when those very folks
are nowhere to be found!
It SHOULD concern you when a friend
has been gone for awhile!
Check on those you love and care about-
for SUCH makes God to smile!

Yes, such makes God to smile!  Whether it be a customer that you cannot recall the name of...a relative that you hardly ever hear from...or even someone in your 'inner circle' that you haven't heard from in a few days.  KEEP IN TOUCH!  For WE are all WE have in THIS life, and they grow more and more valuable with each passing moment!  Let them know THAT, too!

Creations so Diverse!

Looking across the land this day.  All the trees reach out into the glowing sun to receive their daily sustenance!  Too, they provide homes and playgrounds for God's most fragile creations!  And they are so much fun to watch!

All the trees outstretch their arms
in the sunshine bright!
They reach out to the heavens, whence
comes their life and delight!
They offer shade to us as they
transform to autumn's glow,
and they provide a playground for
the birds that come and go!
And GOD makes sure to make the squirrels
to be so well equipped
to run and play on branch and bough
while they are tightly gripped!

And so am I so entertained
as I behold it all!
So simple and amazing as
His Holy Name I call!
Yes, before the hustle and the bustle
of the day ahead,
He makes sure I am grounded and,
by His Own Word, well-fed!

The simple things in life before
complexities arise.
God shows them to me always here
beneath the glorious skies!
So always unpredictable,
so welcome is the same,
as I soak in His Living Word
and glorify His Name!

GOD IS SO GOOD TO US!  He not only meets our every need each day, but He also provides shelter for ALL forms of life!  It is up to us to take the time to behold and savor such!


Sunday, September 18, 2022

One Another--A GREAT Necessity!

This morning, our Pastor was emphasizing the fact that each of us need one another.  He was using Jesus' illustration of the ten women who went out with lamps.  I took the liberty of writing down what Holy Spirit showed me through it...

Walk beside me.  Never leave me.
Always shine your light!
Mine may grow dim, yours may go out
but SOMEONE will be bright!
I need you and your company
each step along the way.
Together, we'll complete the trek,
arriving--come what may!

You may need the 'strength' I have...
I may need your 'sight.'
We put the two together--
the results are sheer delight!
God knew that I would need you,
He knew you needed me.
In His great wisdom He 
connected us for victory!
We do not agree on everything,
however, we're related...
we may have animosities,
however, we're not 'hated!'
For God sees that you 'stabilize' me,
I should do the same.
In doing so, the both of us
bring glory to His Name!

Yes, walk beside me!  For I need you
in this day and age!
Already is abundant grief,
hate, jealousy and rage!
But you and I can change that if
we just support each other!
In doing so, the world will see,
IN CHRIST, we each be 'brother!!'

It is a very large and different world out there!  There is NO WAY one can go about it 'alone!'  Stop trying to!  In doing so, you are robbing yourself of life and stealing a blessing from someone else!  Love one another.  In doing so, you are fulfilling the entire Word of God!

Saturday, September 17, 2022

THE 'Constant!'

Life.  It is CONSTANTLY changing...for better or for worse!  Yes, this world and this day and age are so unpredictable!  However, as a Christian, we have an anchor that is immovable!  His Name is JESUS!

My Jesus--He's the greatest 'constant'

in this day and age!
His compassion, mercy and love
so help avoid the rage!
Another constant: reality-
it differs for one and all;
but the same emotions find us each
as reality comes to call!

BUT GOD, He is here in those emotions,
lest we should lose our grip!
And, from His great and mighty grasp,
not ever shall we slip!
For He's made provision for each thing
He knew we would go through:
we do our best, we let it go,
and, all the rest, HE'LL DO!
We do NOT return to that which was
and try doing it once more-
for doing such might be catastrophic,
like opening a sore!
that HE leads you upon,
and, in HIS time, the victory,
upon you, it will dawn!

Our steps were ordered long ago,
and NONE call for 'reverse!'
Nor would he have us, 'devastation,'
in our minds rehearse!
But 'victory' has He for each
and all of His redeemed!
So press on, my friend, through ANY drama,
and know you're His esteemed!

Yes, there is 'drama' going on all around us.  Some folks even 'cause' it and 'live for it!'  But when we belong to God, we are called to bring joy and a song wherever we go!  So let that melody within exude from you in all that you do and wherever you go!

Friday, September 16, 2022


The following words are quite painful and written out of pain.  Please check your heart and spirit and make sure they DO NOT pertain to YOU!

Where were you when I could not understand?
I needed you.  I could not find a helping hand.
I was in such pain...and only 'nurses' were there...
Where went those years of learning "Christian 'care?'"

My phone, it rings if you want something written,
but, at all other times, it seems like I'm smitten!
I KNOW, a chance to reach out, He would NEVER miss!!

Why does it take a 'tragedy' to 'care?'
Why don't we contact each other unaware?
We used to visit each other on a whim!
These days, the chance to just HEAR each other is slim!
I can write a poem from God and send it world-wide
and hear from folks who used to be by our side!
But getting a call or a visit is 'forbidden?!?!'
To declare that we truly 'care...' who are we kiddin'?!

YES!  You are listening to a man of words vent!
I guess, the past few months, this TRUTH I've had so pent!
BUT, if we are supposed to be like Jesus Christ,
then our own comforts must be sacrificed
and we MUST see to the welfare of others!
After all, in HIM, are we not 'sisters and brothers!'
And, right now, in the pain that I'm going through,
I could certainly use the love and the prayers YOU!
But, greater, I could use proof you actually CARE!
To go through all of this alone is really not fair!

If these words affect the heart of YOU, then MAYBE you are part of the problem!  Maybe?  Check your spirit, my friends and brothers, and make sure that YOU are at least letting those you are acquainted with know that YOU have not forgotten them!   I KNOW THAT GOD HASN'T!  And HE never will!!

Thursday, September 15, 2022

Becky Handley

Our dear sister Becky is now with Jesus. I wrote these words a few days ago, with The Lord guiding my hand, as He made us realize that He was taking her home. WHAT GLORIOUS ASSURANCE, even though it's painful!
"Standing at the threshold
of all eternity
Watching as my God prepares
To come and escort me
So very much is happening
That I cannot explain
As I have spent so long involved
in this disease and pain!
But the same-They've taken not my joy
My faith or my belief!!
For Jesus Christ is with me constantly
to make sure they are chief!
He's held me when I've hurt the most
we've laughed on better days
He's walked beside me through each test
there is nothing like His ways
He's cried with me when I've cried
He's helped to wipe the tears
now He prepares to take me too
where there are no more years!!
He has a mansion waiting there
designed for only me
that place He's made has got a name
it's called "Eternity"
until then He's had angels come
And do all things for me
These angels look just like my friends
And wonderful they be
And I know great will be their reward!!
My father told me so!
The hardest task I have til then
is merely letting go!
So thank you, all you angels and
to my Lord, once crucified!
You took me in with open arms,
And it's been quite a ride!!!"
"Thank You, Lord, for the years of memories that we cling to of sister Becky! Thank You for bringing us together all those years ago. Thank You for the years of sharing life ups-and-downs with each other. Thank You that she is no longer in pain. And thank You so much for the assurance that we will see each other again for all eternity!
In JESUS' Name,
Jim Busby 09-12-2022


We got the call earlier today from her husband Rice.  "Becky is in E.R. right now and they are moving her to Hospice, telling us she only has a few days left." 
Right now, at this hour, still numb from the phone call, I am moved to attempt to write what God is telling me.  I must do it on this screen, as my hand is shaking, and I am afraid I will soak the paper I write on!

"My sister, how you radiate
so deep within us all,
all who had the privilege
of "friend" for you to call!
Your gentle spirit, caring heart,
and ever-listening ear,
and you had the uncanny knack of knowing
our pain before you would hear!
And the JOY that your life brought to all
that knew, knew you at all!
Somehow, you knew just the right time
someone needed a call!
And that call felt like the Lord, Himself,
was listening to us!
You never said 'There, there now,
I have heard enough!'
Even though the path you had
was far, was far more rough!!
You always listened and you heard
whatever we had to say,
regardless of your own pain, you
brought us joy anyway!
Who have we now to turn, now that
you dance around the throne?
Nothing at all to hinder you,
for now, pain is unknown!!
For this, my sister, we rejoice,
and know we'll meet once more
when Gabriel sounds his trumpet and
the heavens greatly roar!!

Oh Becky, enjoy it!  Take it in!
For you're worthy of it all!
Press on, will we, until we each
receive that Trumpet call.
Then we will be together to
rejoice, rejoice with you
in that Place that is Perfection,
with bodies that are new!"

"Yes, dear sister. we will miss you.  But upon reflection of you, there will ALWAYS be smiles and laughter, because that is what you instilled inside all of those who are fortunate enough to know you!"

In HIS Service,
Jim & Debby

Sunday, September 11, 2022

September 11, 2022

September 11, 2022.  A date that is familiar and all too painful for many of us to ponder.  BUT GOD, He knows exactly how we are feeling, and He PROMISES to avenge on THAT day ahead.  We must but continue to press on as a nation, continuing to love and console all those heroes who were there...still alive or not!

A nation grieves...a nation grows
more strong in its resolve.
One nation's onus cannot be,
the world's woes, to solve!
But we WILL NOT stand just idly by
while madness runs amok!
We will RUN into the danger zone
possessing God, not trusting 'luck!!'

Too many evil men have tried
to conquer with deception!
The complacency of idle hearts,
it has been their reception!
BUT GOD, He knows the workings and
desires of ALL MENS' hearts!
And, eventually, the fall of evil,
surely He imparts!!

The resiliency of humanity
is ever to amaze!
Knock us down!  Attack us!
Our pain will be replaced with strength,
as long as men believe in God
and look for Him to come!!

Already, in HIS scope of sight,
ALL battles have been won
And we reign in High Paradise
with Jesus Christ, His Son!
'O come ye quickly, even now!'
so be the cries out loud,
that no more death or desolation
ever be allowed!!
In JESUS' Name,

Each of us that were around then can probably still recall exactly where we were and what we were doing when we got the news.  Some of us had the unfortunate pain and shock of watching it unfold on live TV!  But we are still here, we are still free, and we will never, ever forget!

Saturday, September 10, 2022

CHOOSING to hurt!

The world we live in.  Most of it is quite beautiful.  However, when it comes to relationships, it can become a downright ugly and painful world!  Why is that?  Is it pride?  Is it jealousy?  Or is it that "...we just don't want to be involved?"  Those are all EXCUSES, not REASONS!  Whatever it is, it is VERY painful and can destroy one IF we let it!

Why is it that some CHOOSE to hurt
the ones they SHOULD love most?
And why, when we confront them, they
just deepen in their boast?
Have they no thought of the pain it brings?
Do they fear not GOD'S own heart?!
For He's aware of EVERY word
and the pain such does impart!!

Though it hurts not any less, He told us
that 'these days' would come.
Families would fall away
and PAIN would be the sum!
The greatest love would withstand such,
but if THAT love is not,
a painful, dying generation
is what we have got!

What's that?  YOUR family's not like that?
Well, great for you, my friend!
Hang on to such and cultivate it
to the very end!
What you have, it is so endangered
in the days that are!
Love each other!  Check on each other!
And you, you will go far!!
And pray for them that have not such--
it is a crippling pain!
When siblings and parents fall away,
then NOBODY will gain!
Being who and where I am,
I see such every day;
and picking up the pieces is
a painful task for aye!

Friends...families...loved ones...guard them, appreciate them, protect them and keep in touch with them!!  For the enemy is working overtime to destroy ALL relationships in these last days!  DON'T LET HIM!!  The love of God is able to overcome and diffuse ALL disputes...IF WE ALLOW HIM TO!!  For most, it only takes setting our pride aside and letting Holy Spirit go about doing what He does best: HIS perfect work!


A Basic, Human Need

Friendship, fellowship and personal touch.  It is a necessity in this day and age.  There are, however, folks out there I've met that want nothing to do with anyone else!!  That must be a painful place to be!

Physical touch--it is so real,
so comforting, as well!
For God has so engrained in us-
the same for to compel!
It's so healing and so valuable
to many and to most;
some, however, feel discomfort
with others getting 'close!'
But MOST desire that personal touch,
professionally or other.
Be it casual or intimate,
there be not any other!
None other to feel that emotion
MOST of us possess!
In a world so fast and furious
it's a simple way to bless!

Are YOU 'hands on' regarding such,
or do you withdraw?
God put us here for one another
so such won't be a 'flaw!'
Thus, open up!  Enjoy the gift
of one another's touch,
and realize that God has each
of us in His Own 'clutch!'

Being in the public and working with them daily, I meet so many folks who just want to be left alone and go about their business.  We even have neighbors who are the same way.  What kind of 'life' is that?!'  We are on this planet for one another, and I have met some folks who cannot find anyone to fellowship with or relate to, and THAT is a horrible place to be!

Friday, September 9, 2022

It's Happening Again!

Afternoon delight!  So it is as I walk the grounds and behold the hints of autumn as they begin to appear everywhere I look!  Even in the essence of the air, you can tell that 'Change is a-happenin'!'

Autumn...and so glorious,
so beautiful and clear!
The temperature, it is just right
to recline and relax out here,
here beneath the massive trees 
as colors begin to change!
An order that Creator God,
before all time, did arrange!

A whisper is upon the land
that carries essence rare
from blooms and blossoms on the fence-
perfumes so very rare!
The squirrels and the birds have fun
amidst the many limbs
that cause the writer to arise,
inspiring new hymns!

"Thank You so much, Creator God,
for all that I can see!
The glory of Your Majesty
abounds in front of me!
I see and hear and touch and smell
the proof You are so real!
Proof so very evident
that NO ONE may conceal!!"

Wherever YOU may be, set aside time to take note of what God is doing in and all about you!  I promise you, He is at work, doing that which none other can accomplish!  And WE are the blessed recipients of His handiwork!

Tuesday, September 6, 2022

Recounting the Day

At the end of the day, sitting with God Most High, listening to what He has to say as He asks me about my day.  It is a wonderful relationship that I treasure dearly.  I have learned over the years to seek His input before I pen any of these messages, and He has NEVER disappointed me!

Squirrels sit outside my window as
I capture words from Him.
They know that, just a while ago,
I put out food for them.
They entertain with antics that
none other imitate,  
making me to smile as I
would seek words that relate!

Such wonderful 'distractions' as
I pen The Lord's request.
Though I may be behind a screen,
outside, He makes the best!
He shows me hints of autumn in
the trees that line the hills...
whetting, so, the appetite
for what the 'Fall' instills!
Already are some turning and
the weather's getting nice!
And when He gives me words to write
He does not give them twice!
So, it's best that I now focus on
what He has got to say!
I know I'll need it somewhere in
the world this busy day!

"Here am I again, oh Lord,
humbled for Your use.
Guide my hand to say those things,
I am without excuse!
BUT LORD, I know you'll give me words
that make those precious verses,
that edify You unto men-
a word no one rehearses!"

Avail yourself to God.  He will use you in the capacities that you excel in and cause it all to bring Him glory!  FOR HE IS WORTHY! 

Monday, September 5, 2022

One More Victory!

One more day ALMOST fully accomplished...and victoriously!  GOD IS SO GOOD!  He saw our needs before we even knew about them and took care of them.  And He even made provision for some of our desires!  We are so blessed!

"Before the sun even arose
You contained the day!
You knew the trials and triumphs we
would face along the way!
And You set our steps accordingly,
our each and every one,
and here we are now, celebrating
all that You have done!
For every trial that arose
You countered with a way
for us to make it through the same
prospering for aye!

How glorious it is to live
inside your very favor!
Gifts and fruits and great successes,
constantly, we savor!
The 'world' has its ways and means,
but we're not 'of the world,'
since we pled the Blood of Christ
and saw your arms unfurled!
Yea, walking in Your ways, oh Lord,
a 'challenge' be to some,
but as we CHOOSE the path YOU set
the blessings ever come!"

Seek that glorious path He has for YOUR life!  It is already there, you must only declare Him as your Savior and it will begin!  Not every day will be calm and perfect, but You will have Someone Who will NEVER leave your side, and He will defend you and bless you until The Trumpet Blast!

Sunday, September 4, 2022

Oh, That Day Ahead!

Pressing on.  Accomplishing that which we are called to do.  We do so knowing that time is short, and THAT thought often causes us to look to that day ahead...

Once again, the heart is drawn
to that Familiar Place.
It is somewhere we've never been,
yet we know it due His grace!
We know it through the map He's drawn
throughout His Living Word,
and we'll come to TRULY know it when
The Trumpet Blast's occurred!

Yes, Heaven is on my heart once more
as I go through the day!
No longer will His Own endure
THIS world and its every way!
Far greater will we come to know
There where is Perfection!
For absent will be wickedness
and every vile infection!!

HALLELUJAH!  What a promise
He has for all His Own!
All who have, through His great Grace,
have prospered and have grown!
But none of THAT compares to what
our Jesus has in store!

However, there is so much work yet to be done!  In the eyes of God, it is already accomplished, as His sight is far greater than our own!  But this is here and now, and we MUST press forward, following His lead, spreading The Word, until That Trumpet Blast!

Saturday, September 3, 2022


Each and every one of us busy ourselves with 'business' in one way or another.  YOU have a job to do...I have a job to do...we ALL have tasks in our day that we need to take care of.  But are we 'doing' them to the best of our ability?

We are all each 'busy' in
the field that we each choose.
IF we do our job correctly,
it gets rave reviews!
But there are many, many out there
just 'putting in their time...'
and giving them a check for such
almost seems like a crime!

God told us in His Word to do
our tasks with all our heart!
In reality, we work for HIM
right from the very start!
WE are to do our best, whatever
be the task at hand,
and HE will see to our recompense
wherever in this land!

So don't be just 'busy,' be 'effective'
in your walk each day!
And let Him take the lead as you
but follow on His way!
For HE can do more with your efforts
than you'll EVER do alone!
Humble yourself.  Give Him the reins,
and, surely, you will have grown!

Yes, a very busy world we are in.  But just how many of those who are 'busy' are truly making PROGRESS!  I assure you, the ones make true progress are the ones who have learned to allow God to lead and guide their every step!

Friday, September 2, 2022

Grand and Glorious Day!

It is a brand new day.  Yesterday is gone.  Tomorrow isn't even guaranteed.  The best that we can do is make the most of the day that God has gifted us with!

It is a grand and glorious day
that NOTHING can affect!
So do not go about your life
each 'thing' to so inspect!
Just take it as the gift it is:
the "Present" it is called!
And all you need to make it 'great'
Jesus has installed!

Enjoy but every moment, friend,
each step along the way.
Some things might be 'unpleasant,' and
tempt you to run away!
BUT GOD, for God, He sees every step
as part of YOUR grand plan,
thus, we have no fear of that which comes
by way of life or man!

A grand and glorious day, indeed,
Our every step and each event,
already were they known!
And God, so very sovereign, and
so very, very kind,
sent Jesus Christ for one and all
to give us peace of mind
and make, so very tolerable,
each grand and glorious day-
trusting in His Only Son,
but all along the way!

What?!  Your day is NOT so grand and glorious?  Then just find a quiet place to gather your thoughts, affirm that you are His Own, and hand the day over to Him.  Trust me, THAT'S what He's there for!


Thursday, September 1, 2022


So it seems when 'little' things that we depend upon every day, (every hour!) do not seem to be working right!!  Like the internet!  Some of us went without it for most of the day!  I know that, with MY job, it is nearly impossible to get customers through the checkstand without the internet!  

Someone hits a cable when 
they're digging somewhere deep...
It is an 'accident,' of course,
but, oh, the woes that heap!
It means SOME businesses cannot sell
and puts them on the brink!
(Unless the customer has cash,
then the checker has to THINK!)
For even WITH the web, I know
some who cannot make change
for the bill they handed me--
to them, it is so strange!
They have no clue what 'simplicity'
existed as WE grew!
They must have 'something' tell them what
they should've already knew!

For only now, at this late hour,
am I able to send
this message all around the world!
We depended on each other and
the tools that we were taught
when it came to 'conversation,'
or what was 'sold' or 'bought!'

We MUST return back to the time
we contacted each other,
and put our trust and faith in GOD,
and, surely, not another!
Have we become too lazy in
the name 'Usefulness?'
How 'convenient' has YOUR life become?
Can YOU still reach and bless?

'Convenience.'  Sometimes, it is the enemy of interaction!  Especially when it comes to dealing with each other!  'Oh, I'll just order it online and have it delivered to you.'  They do so so that THEY do not have to make time in their busy schedules to GO PURCHASE something and bring it to you!