Friday, August 12, 2022

Wealth and Treasure

Working and dealing with all kinds of folks and tasks all day long, I am always amazed at the variety of ways that folks describe 'wealth' and 'success!

Beneath the verdant canopy
of all the summer trees,
I'm hidden from the blazing sun,
enjoying gentle breeze!
Salt-and-pepper be the sky
just off into the east;
chances of rain on this day
are the very least.
We got a shower days ago,
so wonderful, you know,
but chances of the same today
they are so very low,
But it is barely 80 now-
so fresh and beautiful
compared to last week's triple-digits,
THAT was terrible!
THIS is perfect, and beneath
the squirrels and the birds-
they chatter at me as I capture
verses made of words!
Holy Spirit guides as I
assemble line-by-line...
I know, I know, when we are done, I'll have
a message oh so fine
containing all I see and hear
on afternoon so sweet;
sounds and visions put together
in a word complete!

The sunlight sets the leaves aglow
beneath the azure sky--
all of life to make me know
that, wealthy so, am I!

How destitute be them that measure wealth by mere 'possession!'  The wealthiest be them that realize the value of simplicity and peace!  Wherein does YOUR treasure lie?


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