Wednesday, August 31, 2022

Visible Changes

Once again, we approach September.  And you know what that means--signs and scents and colors that come at no other time of year.  HALLELUJAH!

So vibrant are the evening colors!
The sun sets them aglow!
It is that blessed time of year
that starts cooling off, you know!
Yes, autumn is just around the corner,
and waiting to display
its spectrum of scents and colors that
are its trademark, per se!

Already are there sights of such
so high atop the trees!
That part that is the first to catch
the sunshine and the breeze!
However, there are no leaves yet
upon the sprawling land;
just precious hints dropped here-and-there
out of His mighty hand!

And WELCOME are those many hints
after the heat we've had!
To see and feel those cooler temps
THIS man, he is so glad!
And I will give all thanks and praise
unto Almighty God--
the Maker of ALL seasons and
this ever-changing sod!

So grateful am I to serve The God that makes sure that each and every day is different than the one before!  He ordered and ordained the times and seasons--in nature and in our lives!  If YOU are not one accustomed to 'change,' I surely feel sorry for you!  You don't know what you're missing!

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