Tuesday, August 30, 2022

Turning the page

Yes, turning the page.  For some, it is an often occurrence.  For others, it is an exciting thing to do.  For still others, it is downright scary!  However, when you belong to God, you are assured that you are NEVER alone to do it!  HALLELUJAH!

The end of one more chapter,
but NOT the book itself!
It is not ready to finish up
and sit upon the shelf!
There is STILL much more that will be written,
so much more to be said!
Who knows if anyone will see it,
or if it will be read!
BUT THIS I KNOW: there is so much more
and BETTER in this life!
Who knows, it might even be easier
with much less pain and strife!

Yes, another chapter starts tomorrow,
the same, it is 'unknown!'
But 'turning that page,' means that I,
once more, I will have grown.
And THAT is the objective as
we press onward toward the Cross!
No turning back...no 'backing out,'
for SUCH would signal 'loss!'
Excitement grows as newness nears!
With Jesus front and rear,
and, of course, so deep within
allaying every fear!
For He is my Assurance as
I steadily advance.
I do not have to fear each step
or any 'circumstance!'
I must only let Him take the lead
each step along the way,
then, surely, precious victory,
will be my hope and stay!

Yes, the assurance of God as the doors are opening.  I KNOW that He will not close one door without opening another, therefore, I can rest in HIS peace which surpasses THIS life's understanding!

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