Tuesday, August 2, 2022


The alarm goes off.  One more day of the week.  So many things to do today, but I know exactly how to begin it: spending time with Jesus!

Tuesday--calm and peaceful with
so beautiful a start.
I sit down with my God and King
and have a heart-to-heart.
He points out what he's already done,
(as if I didn't see,)
to make the day more beautiful
for everyone and me!
He shines His light upon the land
so vibrant and so vast,
such to overtake all of
the stress that has amassed.
He already knows the ups-and-downs
awaiting out that door,
all it takes to work with folks
and so much, much more!
And He is more than willing to
help me see what's ahead
so I'll have opportunity
to make sure folks are led.

Tuesday--calm and peaceful,
with naught to interfere;
essential moments with my God--
time so very dear!
For He avails Himself as we
set out in His creation,
taking full advantage of
each one-on-one relation!

Starting out the day in His Presence.  It is so essential for mere survival in the times that are.  But not to just 'survive,' TO THRIVE!  Start Your day with time with Him and EVERY DAY will go better!

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