Sunday, August 14, 2022

Time for Church

Sunday morning.  Time for church.  For some, it is something we look forward to.  For others, it is merely 'ritual.'  For others still, it is a very difficult choice to make!  However, it is YOUR choice, and YOU have to take that first step!

Ahhh...the precious House of God-
what blessed sanctuary!
That great escape from busy week
and all that life would carry!
That place we celebrate The One
Who saves the very soul;
That haven...shelter...and retreat...
that place that makes us whole!
For Jesus is so present there
in power, glory, grace;
His servants, they are here, as well,
with genuine embrace!
Songs and testimonies for
to edify each other-
thus strengthening that bond we have
as sister and as brother!
And a dose of life out of
The Word, His Word alive!
The same, it helps ensure that,
at His Gates, we will arrive!

Yes, that blessed House of God,
it's necessary so!
So very many benefits
come to us as we go!
Each of us contain a gift
to take into that place,
but it is US that get the most
because of His great grace! 

Don't miss out!  NEVER neglect it!  There are a bevy of excuses to avoid it, but that's all they are: EXCUSES!  I know.  We've all been hurt by one before.  BUT GOD always comes through and makes up for any damage done by those in His Own House!  Besides, we are going there FOR HIM if for no other reason!


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